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 THAILAND 2012 Part II - Best Beaches, Bangkok & Scuba   THAILAND 2012 Part II - Best Beaches, Bangkok & Scuba 

THAILAND 2012 Part II - Best Beaches, Bangkok & Scuba
Nov 24, 2012 (Saturday) - 9:00 PM    (Open to Public)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Trips & Travel
Basic Details:

Thailand Adventure Tour 2012
*PART II - Thailand's Beaches*
Pristine Island Paradise of Southwestern Thailand


This is an amazing 'choose your own adventure' style tour actually broken up in to 3 parts so you can choose what you want to do!  Register for the parts you are interested in!

Nov 17 - Nov 25:  Part I - Thailand/Cambodia Jungles Adventure
Nov 24 - Dec 2: Part II - Thailand's Best Beaches
Dec 2 - Dec 5: Post Trip Add-on to Exotic Bali


Questions?  Call your host directly - 415-710-3246 (Lance) 

(Actual images from where we will be in Thailand)


Highlights of South Thailand: Amazing Beaches, Cave Kayaking, Island Lagoons, Beach Bungalows, Snorkel, Scuba, Monkeys, Island where 'the Beach' was made.  This is a great combination of comfort and adventure with Urban Diversion and like no other vacation you have been on! You will experience the best of South Thailand....then, sadly, you must return home to your job.... or continue on the next part!

Expert Hosts!

Lance Evander - Urban Diversion Founder, expert guide, crazy, sure to keep the group laughing.
Thor Kamakala 
- *Thor will be acting as an assistant host in organizing this trip

Why November? This is the best time to visit Thailand, low rain and a cool breeze keep away the summer humidity.

How it works: This is a perfect trip where you can choose the parts you wish to take part in or add your own excursions! You can come for all of the parts you want, or leave out one of the destinations of the trip to create your own adventure!

What to Expect  (SOUTHERN THAILAND):

Southern Thailand - for those of you that have never been, you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime treat!!  Imagine jumping on a long-tail boat that takes our group out to a beautiful island with pristine beaches... we jump off, on the sand, grab our backpacks and hike along the beach as locals and tourists kick back in open bamboo huts in the morning sun. There are no roads, only a few paths along the beach, and running into the jungle where the monkeys are gazing in wonder. Soon we arrive at our bungalows a bit nicer than the average bungalow, clean, bright, with great ocean views. Relax, enjoy the views, walk down the main paths of the island villages with the other tourists, sit in an open air restaurant, order some fresh fish for $5. In the evening enjoy the nightlife with fellow travelers that are enjoying some refreshing drinks on beach mats surrounding a small bamboo open-air beach bar that looks like someone built it there as an after thought because that is where people were gathering.

Get ready because it is time to explore, we are heading on an adventure through the jungle, on a boat to a magical island, to breathtaking underwater views.

Who will be on the trip?: Expect 20 of your fellow Urban Diversion members as well as non-members looking to escape the rat-race of the working world and experience some peaceful surreality of the pristine jungle combined with the thrill of foreign adventures.  THIS HAS FILLED UP EVERY YEAR!

How UD Trips Work?: Think of UD trips as friends and friends of friends traveling together.  We have arranged an exciting itinerary of included activities and some optional activities below.  A few weeks before the trip you will be given a very detailed customized itinerary... This is what the host is doing that day, join, or organize your own itinerary. Because your host knows the area very well, the group can customize things on the fly!

Travel Arrangements: YOU are responsible for your own flight to Thailand AND the designated inland flights.  See I'm ready to book my flights below.

Getting Around: We will arrange boats, planes, and other means of transport inside Thailand. You will be on the go several times so PACK LIGHT! Also, you MUST PACK EVERYTHING IN A BACKPACK!! Beaches and small villages are not designed for wheeled suitcases. You may need to carry everything on your back for at least 1/2 mile in the sun on the beach at each segment! Bangkok is perhaps the cheapest place in the world to buy luggage. A good option is for travelers to buy an extra bag there to fill with all your exotic purchases.

Regular Arrival - (Depart Fri- Land Sun) - Yes, you will probably leave SF on Friday and land in Thailand on Sunday morning!! The flight is not that long but you are flying in the evening and over the date line (You earn this day back when you fly home...If you depart at 9am you may land at 10am!)

Nov 24 - Dec 2 (Sat-Sun) - 
(All Activities are INCLUDED unless otherwise noted) - Note every day outside of Bangkok can be replaced with a day just chilling on the beach at your bungalow. 

Sat - Early ArrivalFor those getting in early we will be exploring the famous Koh San Road, which you have heard about from the movie The Beach as well as some temples. (Let us know if you arrive Saturday and we will arrange rooms.. It will be an extra $50..)

Sun - One Night in Bangkok
Exploring Bangkok's temples and markets by day.. and at night an adventure that only bangkok can provide, from Koh San Road, to a Tuk Tuk adventure ride through the city streets, great food, and a night you will talk about for years to come.

Mon - Arrival in Krabi, picked up at airport and whisked away via taxi and boat to our beach bungalow. Meet and greet in our bungalow's lobby then relax on Phran Nga Beach or join us for a adventure hike to a secluded amazing lagoon.   Dinner on the beach, Relax.... on one of 3 beaches.

Tue - Sea kayak through mangroves and amazing wildlife,  Normally not-allowed we will try to arrange an amazing night visit in the crystal cave (bring candles from town) and dance at an open-air restaurant 

Wed - Morning beaches and breakfast then A Private Boat Tour Thailand's smaller uninhabbited islands and as we head to the most famous island Ko Phi Phi Don. Check in to our bungalows, relax on pristine double beaches and explore the markets and beach nightlife.

Thur - Hike for a great morning view, lounging around the beaches, a quick trip to monkey beach to see some monkeys, food, beaches and great beach nightlife.  

*OPTIIONAL SCUBA DAY FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO - this is your day for those that are certified to do an amazing wreck dive!  Cost is about $100 and you must register with your host BY WEDNESDAY*

FriExcursion to Ko Phi Phi Leh, the island where they filmed The Beach, snorkel, swim through caves, relax on the beaches, and some great beach nightlife. 

**NOTE: we will attempt to book a night to camp out on THE BEACH where the movie was filmed.. This will just be our group, private camping out just like they did in the movie.  This was a highly raved about experience last time.   

Sat - Phuket - the most well known area of thailand, we will spend a night here, We recommend renting scooters, but will not tell you to do it in case you kill yourself with your bad driving...that said it is a ton of fun if everyone rents a scooter, or jumps on the back of someone they trust... and we are off to hit the sites!

Sun - Time to go home..... or maybe Bali... talk to lance about going to Bali.. it is only $80 flight!!  talk to lance and convince him to do the Bali Extension....

Host Notes: Hey all! We have spent a lot of time creating this itinerary to get the most out of your time there! We will be hitting all of the most beautiful attractions in Thailand and be doing it in style. If you have never been to Thailand, then this is the way to do it best, and at a fraction of the cost.

If you have any questions please call me at 415-776-7455
or email lance@UrbanDiversion.com

Trip Specifics:

Accommodation Location- To get the most out of our time, we will be doing a lot of moving during this trip; you will not be in one location for more than 3 nights. All accommodations are above average and not the cheap backpacker style places.  When available, we have mid-range beach bungalows in the south and nice boutique hotels in the north.

Costs and Payment: - Cost is Registration PLUS the Balance Balance is mailed in later
**Far better and cheaper than most trips out there!  AND we see the best of the best with your friends from the bay area!!!**

Almost forgot to tell everyone.... As always, everyone that has been on one of our international trips before gets $50 off for week or $100 for both!!.. just email me when you register... 

Registration: $275 to $450 - Registering for this event will require you to pay the Registration fee immediately. This amount changes depending upon when you register, register early THIS SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR! This fee is non-refundable.

The balance is due by check at least 45 days prior to this event.

  • $960 - For 1 week  (+1 registration)
  • $1690 For 2 weeks (+2 registrations)

Please send the check to Urban Diversion, 1329 Columbus Ave. Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94133. You can pay by credit card, but there is a 4% additional charge that we must pay the credit card company. If a check is not received 30 days prior to this event, we will use your Credit Card to pay for the balance unless you notify us otherwise.

Price includes:

  • All events listed in the itinerary (unless otherwise noted)
  • 2 person Bungalow or midrange accommodations (the northern trek will be more rustic bungalow style, with one evening sleeping with the locals in a one-room hut)
  • Local Guides as well as exclusive expert guide
  • Your Urban Diversion Host sacrificing several weeks to tough it out with you in the Jungles and beaches!!
  • All ground and water transportation, including trains, vans, motorboats and long-tail boats! We'll have it all setup for you.
  • The usual tons of photos and memories that we are known for
  • Loads of fun and laughs

Flights & Getting There: Here is a run down on Visas for AMERICANS

  • Thailand - not needed
  • Cambodia - You need to get it online BEFORE you fly, cambodia visas online (there is a blinking visa button toward the top) cost $20+$5.  alternatively you can obtain them at the airport on arrival....but they may scam you for more money.
  • Laos - We will pay that at the border for our short excursion
  • Burma - We pay that at the border for our short excursion, you will also need a passport photo, you can get at border too.   cost about $30
  • Bali Indonesia - You need a visa, you can obtain one on arrival at the Denpesar airport.  cost is $25

Health & Vaccinations: Usually for the areas we are going it is not required, but this changes often... please check the health site here and and talk to your doctor.

What to Bring:

  • PASSPORT THAT DOES NOT EXPIRE WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF ARRIVAL!!  If your passport expires in less than 6 months, they will not let you in.  you get no refund from airline or us.  don't do it!  Neeed one? Go to this link (it will take a few weeks so do it now) - If you are in a pinch to get your passport, you can bring your ticket that leaves within a few days to the passport agency in SF or LA and pay a ton of money for a same day passport.... but don't plan on it!
  • A full printout of this!
  • A money pouch. (bring 20- $1 bills, and some $5 they come in handy for tipping)
  • Clothing, shoes, swim shorts, toiletries, etc etc... Here is an exhaustive 8 page list if you really want one.
  • Some unusual things from the list that are good ideas; flashlight/headlight, extra batteries, camelback or small travel cooler, bandana, zip-ties, and some zip-lock bags (never know when you want to get wet but are carrying your camera.)

Add this event to your watch list to view the list of people interested in going and more details on where we are going!

Registration Deadline: Through
Sep 22, 2012 (Saturday)
Nov 24, 2012 (Saturday)
Your Special Rate
(25-50% discount)
$275.00 $325.00 - Deposit. Balance for choices due 45 days before trip 
Normal Member Rate
(NO Discounts)
$350.00 $475.00 - Save $150! Join Urban Diversion 
Member's Guest Rate: $350.00 $475.00 - Save $150! Join Urban Diversion
Cancelation Policy: No Refund - All Registrations Final (View Cancelation Policy)
Added Details and Directions:

I'm ready to Book My flights!
Great, here is what you need to do.... Deviating from these flights can get very complicated, especially with the local flights because there are often only 1-2 flights per day.   Remember, the reason we do this is that a 1hr flight covers about 24hours worth of driving on the ground in 3rd world countries.

YOUR MAIN FLIGHT  is two parts Arrival and Departure as follows

(YOU ARE BOOKING ONE ROUND TRIP TICKET WITH A DIFFERENT ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE CITY.. this is called an multi-city ticket via www.Kayak.com )

Arrival Flight DETAILS  

  • ARRIVING Week 1:   You are fly to Siam Reap, you must ARRIVE by Nov 18 10:10pm
    MY FLIGHT:  Korean Air Flt#24     SFO (Nov 17, 11:20am)  --> REP (Nov 18, 10:10pm)
  • ARRIVING Week 2:   You are Flying in to Bangkok, you must ARRIVE by Nov 25 10:00pm
      RECOMMENDED FLIGHT:  Eva Airlines #17  SFO(Nov 24, 12:05am) --> BKK(Nov 25, 11:50am)
    Note:  you can also arrive 2 days earlier and we'll setup a plan for you for your 2 extra days.

Departure Flight DETAILS

  • DEPARTING WEEK 1: You are flying home from Bangkok, you must not DEPART before Sun Nov 25th at 9pm
    • RECOMMENDED FLIGHT: Korean Air Flt#654     BKK (Nov 25, 11:45pm)  --> SFO (Nov 26, 9:20am)
  • DEPARTING WEEK 2:  You are flying home from Bangkok, you must not DEPART before Dec 2, 10:00am 
    • RECOMMENDED FLIGHT:   Korean Air Flt#523     BKK (Dec 2, 10:40pm)  --> SFO(Dec 3, 9:20am)
  • DEPARTING FROM BALI:  You are flying home from Dempesar..whenever you want! 


YEP! you are booking a lot of little 1 hour flights, this is how we get to experience a months worth of travel is just 2 weeks!!.... your other option is to take 20hr stinky bus rides, save $30 and waste 1 day of your holiday for each flight.  


NOTE:  Air Asia now flys into  DMK Bangkok Don Meung instead of BKK/BAK.  Don't worry about this.  I will setup transport between the two airports when needed.

  • WEEK 1 - If you are taking part in Week 1 you must book these flights
    • Tue Nov 20:  Phnom Phen 5:05pm --> 6:15pm Bangkok(DMK) [flt #FD277 $95]
    • Tue Nov 20:  Bangkok(DMK) 8:40pm --> 21:50pm Chaing Mai  [flt #FD3238 $58]
    • Sun Nov 25: Chaing Rai (not Chaing Mai!) 11:15am -> 12:35pm Bangkok(DMK) [flt #FD3204 $49] 
  • WEEK 2 - If you are taking part in Week 2 you must book these flights
    • Mon Nov 26: Bangkok(DMK) 10:30am --> 11:45am Krabi  [flt #FD3225 $53]
    • Sun Dec 2:  There are 10 flight to Bangkok this day,You can fly out as early at 6:45am to catch an early flight back to america from Bangkok
      Recommended: Phuket 6:40pm -->  8:00pm  Bangkok(DMK) [flt #FD3010 $56] (only if not going to Bali)
  • BALI Extension Trip
    • This direct flight disappeared:  Sun Dec 2: Phuket 6:20am --> DENPESAR, Bali 11:10am [flt #FD2970 $96]
      Now 2 Flights to Book
    • 1) Sun Dec 2:  Phuket (HKT)  9:50am --> 12:35pm Singapore (SIN)  [FLT FD2956] $105
      2) Sun Dec 2: Singapore (SIN) 16:00 --> 18:45 Denpesar, Bali (DPS)  [Flt #FD29870] $105
  • WANT MORE??   Ok, you crazy addict... I'm not going to tell you, but you can go many amazing places from here for super cheap too... call me if you have heaps of vacation you need to use.

Send us your flight itineraries as soon as you book them!  lance@urbandiversion.com

Coming Earlier - If you are arriving early, we can get everyone together in a good inexpensive centrally located Bangkok Hotel, let us know if you wanna share a room too.

Staying Later - Many people like to stay a few extra days in Bangkok at the end to get souvenirs, buy suits/dresses, or take in the extra culture... or optionally on the beaches in southern Thailand

Full Moon Party - If you are a party person, a week or so after the south trip there is also the full moon party in Koh Phangan or do the New Moon party

About the Airports - Bangkok has TWO airports ALL international flights go to the newsuvarnabhumi airport but some domestic flights still fly to/from Don Mueang older airport.  A taxi will get you between them in no more than 50 minutes.

Weather Overview - Thailand is a tropical country and experiences only two seasons: wet and dry. The dry season is generally between late Nov to Feb, and the wet (meaning hot-n-sticky) season lasts the rest of the year. Expect temps averaging 21°C (70°F) at night and over 30°C (86°F) during the day.

Here is an animated Thai weather map -- an interactive map to the weather situation in Thailand

This map will be updated soon...

Location: Thailand Adventure
Address: , Thailand
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