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 2022-23 Tahoe WINTER Cabin Membership REGISTRATION Page!   2022-23 Tahoe WINTER Cabin Membership REGISTRATION Page! 

2022-23 Tahoe WINTER Cabin Membership REGISTRATION Page!
(Open to Public)
Status Normal
Start Time 12:00 AM - Aug 30, 2022 (Tuesday)
End Time 1:00 AM -
Location Tahoe - Tahoe Cabins
Category Special Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-East Bay Special Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Lance Evander
Max Attendees N/A
Max Guests Unlimited
Again this year we have TWO (maybe 3, maybe) Tahoe cabins in the best locations in both the North and South shores of Tahoe! Best part? You get both cabins if you join the UD Cabin Membership!!
Basic Details:

- 2022-23 Urban Diversion DUAL (maybe triple)
Tahoe Winter Cabin Share INFO-

One membership gets you in Access to Both North & South Tahoe Winter cabins!

9/27/21 UPDATE:  BOTH CABINS ARE FULL, BUT WE ARE WORKING ON A SQUAW CABIN (cabin #3)... please fill out the questionnaire and join the FB group to be added to the contact list for open spots 

NEW for This year:

(0.4 mile walk/ski to boulder lift, indoor hot tub, sauna, and amazing views of the lake and slopes)

YOU CAN SEE MORE DETAILS ON Tahoe.UrbanDiversion.com


 *We have a new Ski Share management app coming...life will be easy again! lol
please fill out the questionnaire if you want to be added to the waiting list as a few spots may popup




5 months:  Dec 1  2022 - April 29, 2023
plus we often get one house early/late and have extra weeks post season free!!

Want to join? Start here:

>>START HERE: Cabin Questionnaire<<


Then when you are ready (if spots are still available)
Cabin Spots sell out EARLY!!!  DO NO WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!
you can always resell your spot after it is full

Once again, you get access to TWO/THREE Winter cabins


We have limited space for cabin memberships! 
TOTAL OF ~ 20 SPOTS in each cabin ONLY!  

The price goes up the longer you wait to sign-up!



You get any-time access to TWO/THREE cabins in Tahoe! The cabins are equipped with Semi-private suites, lofts, and rooms with bunk beds, Internet, TV, electricity, gas, snow removal, hot tub maintenance, and more! More importantly, it is all inclusive, worry free, and you can bring a friend! Oh yes, did we mention there are hot tubs!? The Tahoe cabins are all about the fun! No need for meetings or committees, we have social directors that plan some fun group activities during the month!

  1. Fill out the Cabin Member Questionnaire here - so we know more about you
  2. REGISTER HERE (via "Register Now" link on right of UD page) and pay your refundable Security Deposit - This will secure your spot and give you time to pick a home cabin. But you will have a certain amount of time to solidify your registration or you will be refunded and lose your spot (usually 2 weeks with warning emails.
  3. Meet Us (we post meetups on our Facebook Page) - required if you are unknown to our staff or hosts which can vouch for you) - Find one of us on FB (lance or dan), come to a meet-n-greet, and/or call (lance 415-999-9928) us to conduct your screening as soon as you can 
  4. Set your cabin choice & pay to for the season -  The sooner you pay the cheaper the rate.  You can switch your home cabin before the season starts, but the one you choose in your questionnaire is the one you start with

HOME CABIN? - This is simply the cabin that you will have go first to, and the most to.  We set a home cabin simply because we do not want to find out at the start of the season that everyone desires to go one cabin leaving that overfull and the other cabin empty.

Transfer/cancel - Once you are a ski share member you are not able to cancel... as we have paid for the season, however you can transfer your membership (Before January 1st)  to an approved person that you have found and has paid you directly.  There is a $100 transfer hassle cost though.

Don't forget to get your season pass!!!  we recommend the Tahoe Epic pass...though the new Ikon Pass is pretty cool too!  Just remember the longer you wait the more you pay... both on the pass and the cabin membership!   Most have purchased both in July and August!

You will see that we not only have the best cabin community, but  also the best cabins, best location, and the best price

What to Expect: For those of you who have never participated in a Community Cabin before, you can think of it as your own place in Tahoe that you can go to any time you want. Bring a friend, enjoy a relaxing weekend, meet some other people, go out on the town, take part in cabin activities/dinners/outings, or just chill in the hot tub, whatever you like!  All cabin members are screened and you must meet certain criteria.

We're young at heart, but not party animals. We are upper 20s, 30s and 40s. You can get a good nights rest before hitting the mountain, or hit the town for a fun night out. That being said, we may just hit the hot tub after getting back to the house and often make group dinners and go out to see bands and other entertainment in Tahoe. Winter North Shore cabin tends to be more about skiing/boarding, South Shore cabin tends to be more about being social and having fun!

About the Cabin Members:
Most Cabin Members are in their upper 20s, 30s, or 40's. All UD Cabin Members have been screened and risk losing their cabin membership, deposit, and regular UD Membership if they are irresponsible at the cabin. We stress fun, safety, and responsibility. Each member is entrusted with an electronic key to the cabin, and must obey all the cabin rules and regulations.

All of the cabin members have to be approved by the other cabin members or UD staff before they can join the cabin membership. If you are not approved, your payment will be refunded but 4% less for credit card fees.

Tahoe Cabin Fast Facts
Occupancy We sign up about 16-20 south and 20 north Cabin Members (North shore is bigger and will have more)
Cabin spots fill up each year months before snow falls
$1395 - $1795 depending on how early you sign up, if you are returning member ($100 discount), and if you are only weekday member.  
check tahoe.UrbanDiversion.com for exact pricing and surrent status
Security Deposit $125 - Each cabin member must submit a $125 refundable security deposit Pay online by clicking the REGISTER button here (or send your payment via paypal to paypal.me/tahoeUD)


Guest Rules:

Cabin members can bring up to 1 guest**

**COVID restrictions apply, read docs
Guest fees are:

$45/nt on nights all nights

GUEST MAX: Any guest who has been any of the cabins more than 8 nights total in the year, will need to join the membership or pay $75/nt

If you wish to bring more than 1 guest, you must email the group close to the date to see if room will be available.

Blackout Dates:

ONLY Xmas & NYE and days around them:
XMAS & NYE ARE BLACKOUT DATES!  Our cabins typically would cost us an extra $5000 per cabin per holiday week! for each week for us to rent out! 


Most likely your ski pass is not good these dates and everything in Tahoe is booked up with families so nobody wants to go Anyways

Instead we try to buy cabin dates pre-season (nov) and post season (May) (at no extra cost to members) depending on the snow.

Special Urban Diversion Activity Dates: 1 weekend per month - Social Directors will be organizing special activities at one of the cabins. These are anything from beginner boarding lessons, themed parties, hitting specific slopes, or even snow shoeing and cross country skiing, hiking!  All cabin members are invited, but there may be a small charge for food/drinks for the parties. 
ALSO Regular Urban Diversion members are invited via the UD calendar to join this event. This helps keep down costs for the season, and insures at least one organized fun weekend per month you can join in!
Before you head up your first time:

You will need to have paid up including security deposit and also send in a signed copy of the release of liability form prior to being given access.

Forms - You Must Be Agreed
To Before Membership Begins:

Cabin Membership Questionnaire, Release of liability and waiver formCabin Rules

call Lance 415-999-9928 or email lancejk@urbandiversion.com

Registration Deadline: Through
Aug 30, 2022 (Tuesday)
--- ---  
Your Special Rate
(25-50% discount)
$129.00 - - $125 REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT (+$4fee) 
Normal Member Rate
(NO Discounts)
$129.00 - - $125 REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT (+$4fee) 
Member's Guest Rate: $129.00 - - $125 REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT (+$4fee)
Cancelation Policy: No Refund - All Registrations Final (View Cancelation Policy)
Added Details and Directions:

Our Tahoe Cabins:

Unlike some cabin groups, we do not overcrowd our cabins. Under normal circumstances, members are guaranteed to have a bed. (Guests are not guaranteed to have a regular bed and may end up on a sofa or sleeping bag; Members always have squatters rights over guests)


Quick 7 min to North Star, 23 min to squaw

BEST FEATURES - quick reverse commute to North Star and Squaw!  Walk to the lake or go cross country ski out the back yard

Address:  Birch Ave, Tahoe Vista


On the slopes of Heavenly Nevada side 

BEST FEATURES - this is an AMAZING location!!  0.4 miles from lift! Ski-out of the cabin!! with 4 bedrooms and cozy social areas, a bar and indoor hot tub!.

Address:  Bonnie Drive, Stateline, NV

Squaw/Alpine Cabin?
Social Cabin - plenty of parking with 5 bedrooms with an average of 3 beds per room (singles and fulls,some with bunks), 3 bathrooms, private hot tub, new kitchen and social rooms, Ski cabins - Sleeps 16+ 
with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, no hills, and a 2 min walk to the heavenly gondola which you can see out your window!!! community hot tub



Parking: 6+ spots in front,2 spots on side, and garage spots cars in garages. Parking: 4 spots in front.. but we have a limitless parking down the street at heavenly's boulder lodge maybe..
Fireplace, Nice commons, private Hot Tub, Washer/Dryer, Gear/Ski/Board Storage Fire place, private indoor hot tub, sauna, community out door hot tub, Washer/Dryer, Gear/Ski/Board Storage  
work from home areas, high speed wireless internet, cabin & TVs, good cell service.  work from home areas, high speed wireless internet, cable & TVs, good cell service  




Great Community

bar room
bar, social, hot tub and sauna with view of heavenly
map but not exact address map but not exact address  
Location: Tahoe Cabins
Address: Tahoe, CA
Post Registration Details:

Some basic Cabins rules:

  • Safety & Security First - You must RSVP for the days you are going to be at the cabin before leaving the bay area. We are strict on this rule.
  • Bills - all utility bills included (gas, electric, internet, sewage, snow removal, hot tub service, etc) with overly high bills exception.  This has not happened in over 6 years, but If any heating/electric bills are above $400 per month, we will have the cost deducted from your security deposit. Everyone who stayed at the cabin during the month will be assessed the fee. So watch the gas/electricity when you leave!
  • End of season - A $25 cleaning fee may be deducted from your deposit if the cabin is not clean at the end of the season, or if it becomes overly dirty during any given month. This will apply to all that were there for the month.  (so far we have never charged this in 10 years)
  • 12 days/mo Max Stay (new members only) - Cabin members may not live at the cabins. To enforce this, cabin members are not allowed to stay at the cabins for a total (at all cabins) of more than 12 days per month. That means if you are a triple cabin member you can stay 4 days at each cabin and have to wait til next month.  or max have a 3 day weekend every week.  that is a lot.  15 days/mo max for returning members.
  • 10 consecutive days maxThere is a max reservation of 10 days in a row with 3 days away after required. 
  • Guests - Guests must be pre-registered and pre-paid before arriving in Tahoe. Members are required to send a check for the guest fees Failure to do so will result in an additional $175 fee to change locks and you will lose your cabin membership! We don't want the burden of constantly watching over members, so police yourself.
  • No smoking - In the cabin, or around the front entrances.
  • Cabin Specific Rules - You must obey all of the house rules that are posted at the cabin.
  • No Kids - No, the cabins are for your time away from being responsible for others, time to relax and enjoy!
  • DOGS AT THE CABIN Very few ski cabins permit any pets... we have a ONLY IF YOU HAVE WRITTEN APPROVAL
    • You must have a copy of this document at the cabin at all times.
    • Dogs are only allowed in the basement floor bedrooms, no dogs allowed on main floor or upstairs EVER
    • Dogs must be in a crate at ALL TIMES when you are not present.
    • Dogs must do their business down the street and not on the cabin property.
    • Any damage from dogs will be paid for by owner and dog will not be allowed to return.
    • Any dog damage that we do not know which dog was responsible will result in ALL dogs being banned.
    • You will need to put down an extra $125 Security Deposit
    • Each day your dog is up at the cabin you will need to count them as a GUEST and pay guest fees
    • ANY VIOLATION OF THESE RULES and you will lose the right to bring your dog and lose your deposit.
    • South Shore - Dogs are NEVER allowed..
  • Urban Diversion - Urban Diversion Club is a separate membership from the cabin membership. However, Urban Diversion members are invited up to a ski cabin once-per month to join in a special event. All cabin events are free for ski cabin members, while regular UD members must register and pay for the event. They will be registered as a guest of the cabin manager on that weekend. On these special weekends, cabin members must signup 10 days prior to the event to guarantee their bed and so we know how many spots are open. If you sign-up after the 10 day deadline it is not a problem, but you lose your guaranteed bed and may end up on a pull-out.
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