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 Intro to Rock Climbing - Belay   Intro to Rock Climbing - Belay 

Intro to Rock Climbing - Belay
Jan 10, 2017 (Tuesday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Basic Details:

Intro to Rock Climbing

Part of Monthly Series


Rock Climbing Series

  •  Week One: Intro to Belay

Week Two: Skills

Week Three: Bouldering

Week Four: Outdoors Rock Climbing Session






Ever wonder what it would be like to climb up a granite cliff in Yosemite Valley or scramble up a High Sierra peak?  Want to find a new way to experience the beauty & grandeur of nature, all the while getting a great workout and becoming part of a new community of outdoor friends? 

If so, climbing is for YOU!




Learning to climb opens up the vertical, natural world much like learning a new language opens the door to a new culture.  Once you master some basic skills, together with practice, you'll soon find yourself climbing routes once thought impossible.  What could be better than finishing a climb at sunset, having shared the experience with great friends as the entire Sierra falls beneath your feet?


The road to climbing outside starts in the gym & the Bay Area is blessed with a handful of excellent climbing gyms chocked full of climbers of various skill levels.  

Come join Urban Diversion at Mission Cliffs & let us show you the ropes!

What to Expect:

We will meet at Mission Cliffs, gear up & climb beginner-intermediate climbing routes.  All climbers will learn the basics of indoor rock climbing including: etiquette, belay technique, how to put on & take off a harness, body placement & climbing efficiency. By the time you leave the gym, you will have the skills & understanding to climb on your own at gym. This is the intro course for climbing with UD.

Event Includes:


  • An evening of climbing
  • Use of all necessary rock climbing gear
  • A rock climbing UD host
  • Introduction to climbing terminology and strategy
  • Water


  • Loose clothing

  • Climbing shoes (optional)

  • Chalk bag (optional) 
  • Harness with locking binder and belay device (optional)
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