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 THAILAND Part 1: Northern Jungles, Temples, + Elephants   THAILAND Part 1: Northern Jungles, Temples, + Elephants 

THAILAND Part 1: Northern Jungles, Temples, + Elephants
(Open to Public)
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Start Time 6:00 PM - Nov 26, 2023 (Sunday)
End Time 6:00 PM - Dec 03, 2023 (Sunday)
Location Chiang Mai - Thailand Adventure
Category Trips & Travel
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Trips & Travel
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Event Host Kristin Short
Max Attendees 18
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This is where we put adventure into your vocabulary! Jungle treks, elephants, ornate Buddhist temples, National Parks, and remote villages are all ours for the exploring. This trip has all the makings of an unparalleled vacation: a country famous for its breathtakingly beautiful and diverse natural sights, wonderful culture, an itinerary packed full with adventure, and of course fun times with your UD friends. Experience the North of Thailand, a mountainous region comprising natural jungles, ridges, and deep, narrow, alluvial valleys and culture. And if that isn't enough for you, sign up for Part II and spend a week exploring some of the most world's most beautiful beaches and islands. The registration price shown represents 50% down
Basic Details:

Thailand Adventure 2023
PART I - Northern Jungles,  Temples, + Elephants

Northern Thai Food Homepage: Discover Northern Thai Cuisine | TasteAtlas


Join us for 7 days in the north of Thailand as we trek to hidden jungle waterfalls, explore gorgeous Buddhist temples, hike with elephants, visit local hill tribes, and experience the OG famous annual lantern festival.

Sun Nov 24 - Sat Dec 2:  Part I - Northern Jungles,  Temples, + Elephants
Sun Dec 2 - Sun Dec 9 : Part II - Island Exploring + Beach Parties




  • Explore dozens of Northern Thailand's most iconic temples 
  • Experience the breathtaking annual lantern festivals of Loy Krathong + Yi Peng
  • Travel through rice fields, jungles, hillsides and a National Park on a 3-day jungle excursion
  • Learn to cook authentic Thai food with a local pro


17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks | Cute baby animals,  Animals beautiful, Cute animals



DAY 0  |  Fri Nov 24 or Sat Nov 25

Leave for Thailand!

  • All attendees MUST arrive no later than 10PM on Sunday Nov 6
  • You lose a calendar day flying into this timezone, so make sure to double check your flight arrival date and time before booking your flight.
  • Transportation from the airport to our hotel can be arranged for an additional cost

DAY 1  |  Sun Nov 26

Arrival | Temples + Chiang Mai Nightlife

  • Arrive Sunday and check into the hotel.
    • For those arriving before Sunday afternoon, fight off your jet lag by getting a jump on exploring the city of Chiang Mai with us
  • Wander through Chiang Mai visiting dozens of unique Buddhist temples
  • Chat with a monk and learn about their lifestyle
  • Experience the famous Chiang Mai bazaar at night and stuff your belly with the best street Thai food you'll ever have
  • Feeling fun and flirty? Try any of the numerous bars, clubs, and parties until you're thoroughly exhausted

DAY 2  |  Mon Nov 27

Elephant Excursion + Thai Massages + More Nightlife
7 Markets In Thailand To Tour In Thailand For A Fun Getaway!

  • Spend an entire day with rescued elephants in the beautiful highlands outside Chiang Mai. Don't worry - we've done our research and found a verified elephant sanctuary created by a Taiwanese trail blazer for protecting Asian elephants. They also have rescued cats, dogs, buffalo, and other species at their sanctuary!
  • Excursion includes:
    • elephant trek through the jungle
    • watch elephants take mud baths
    • feed the elephants
    • help bathe the elephants
  • Treat yourself to a Thai massage back in the city after a long, active day
  • Back to the bazaar for dinner and more exploring

DAY 3  |  Tue Nov 28

Thai Cooking Class + Yi Peng Lantern Festival

  • Thai CooThailand Lantern Festival Ultimate Travel Guide | Luxe Voyage Asiaking class in the morning
  • City exploring + shopping for lanterns
  • Get your cameras ready for an amazing festival - it doesn't get any more IG worthy than this!


DAY 4  |  Wed Nov 29

Remote Temples + Waterfall Hike + Karen Village Camping

  • Visit temples rarely seen by tourists and receive a blessing for our journey
  • Refresh with a dip under a jungle waterfall
  • Learn to cook over a campfire in the jungle with the locals
  • Camp under the stars in a rural Karen Village with the most gorgeous mountain backdrop


DAY 5  |  Thur Nov 30

Mountain Scenery + Rice Terraces 

  • Take in the stunning mountain roads with fresh air in your face as we explore the foothills of Thailand's highest mountain (and national park), Doi Inthanon
  • Plenty of opportunities to stop and explore, take pictures, and take in the scenery
  • Explore the mountain village of Mae Khlang Luang
  • Experience traditional Thai BBQ overlooking rice fields


DAY 6  |  Fri Dec 1

Jungle Waterfall + Pai

  • Hike to a beautiful hidden jungle waterfall
  • Swim and eat lunch under a remote waterfall
  • Explore the cute hippie backpacker town of Pai


DAY 7  |  Sat Dec 2

Departure Home

  • Spend the morning exploring the town and appreciating some coffee and breakfast with the best views
  • We'll all travel back to Chiang Mai together where you can either extend your trip or continue on to the airport with us before we part ways

Continue on to Part 2: Thailand's Best Beaches

  • If you're staying on for week 2, or don't mind traveling a bit more, we'll be flying out of the Chiang Mai airport to head south to Railay Beach!
  • Enjoy the beautiful coast for sunset
  • Dinner and party on the beach to wrap up Part 1!



File:Bonampak, Chiapas, Mx (30696847550).jpg - Wikimedia Commons





  • 6 nights lodging accommodations
  • Full-day Elephant Excursion including activities and lunch
  • Authentic Thai cooking class
  • A full itinerary packed with fun and exciting adventures
  • Your adventurous, fun, and charismatic host to lead you on this journey


  • *Arrival + Departure Airport Transfers (can be arranged by your host for additional fee)
  • *Flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended!)
  • Lodging for any nights before or after designated itinerary
  • *Meals in Chiang Mai (4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 4 dinners)
  • *Dinner in Bangkok



  • PASSPORT THAT DOES NOT EXPIRE WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF ARRIVAL (see 'Post Registration Details' for more info)
  • Alternative Photo ID
  • Cash - you can exchange USD for Thai Baht (THB) when you arrive
  • Secure money belt
  • Proper attire for the activities planned (review the itinerary and plan accordingly) 
  • Day bag for city and jungle excursions
  • Pack light! Please do not bring 2 suit cases, a carry on, and a back pack. I promise you won't use half of it. Packing light makes for moving around easier and less to worry about losing. 



  1. Add this to your watch list to be notified about updates
  2. Message the host with any questions
  3. Register here and pay your 50% deposit - remaining balance is due 45 days prior to event start date (Sep 22)
  4. Register for the optional Thailand Part 2 trip to join us on for a week geared towards island adventures and beach parties
  5. Review the 'Added Details & Directions' and 'Post Registration Details' to book flights and make other preparations.
  6. Post on the message wall to introduce yourself and get to know your fellow travelers 


Questions?  Contact your host (Kristin) directly @ 415-766-7317 or email kristin@urbandiversion.com

Registration Deadline: Through
Aug 28, 2023 (Monday)
Sep 27, 2023 (Wednesday)
Nov 26, 2023 (Sunday)
Your Special Rate
(25-50% discount)
$699.00 $750.00 $800.00 This is 50% payment, remaining balance charged 45 days prior 
Normal Member Rate
(NO Discounts)
$799.00 $850.00 $900.00 This is 50% payment, remaining balance charged 45 days prior 
Member's Guest Rate: $799.00 $850.00 $900.00 This is 50% payment, remaining balance charged 45 days prior
Cancelation Policy: No Refund - All Registrations Final (View Cancelation Policy)
Added Details and Directions:



REGISTRATION IS A 50% DEPOSIT - the remaining 50% is due 45 days prior to event start date (Sep 22).

If the remaining total balance is not paid 45 days prior to this event, we will automatically charge your credit card on file unless you notify us otherwise.



To get the most out of our time, we will be doing a lot of moving during this trip; you will not be in one location for more than 3 nights. All city accommodations are above average (3-4 star) and not the cheap backpacker-style places. Lodging provided on the jungle trek may be slightly on the more rustic side.




Arriving Week 1:   You will be flying into Chiang Mai (CNX) and must ARRIVE NO LATER than Sun Nov 6 at 10pm. If you plan to arrive earlier than Sunday and need help finding accommodations/transportation, reach out to your host for tips and help planning.

    • Depart SFO Sat ___ @1:05am (EVA Air 17) --> 1hr 20min layover in Taipei (TPE) --> Arrive Chiang Mai (CNX) Sun 11/6 @ 10:30am (EVA Air 257)
      • Book this flight with Eva Airways or with JustFly.com
      • NOTE: This flight has a shorter layover than recommended for international transfers in case of delays. This option is best for those that don't check luggage or those willing to risk it for shorter travel time and fewer layovers.
    • ???????Depart SFO Fri ____@ 11:55pm (CX873) --> 2hr 20min layover in Hong Kong (HKG) --> 1hr 45min layover in Bangkok (BKK)  --> Arrive Chiang Mai (CNX) Sun 11/6 @ 1:45pm (PG225)
  • Note: Be sure to confirm baggage allowances, seat preferences (if available), and change/cancellation policies before booking!


    • Depart SFO Thur ___ @ 12:10am (EVA Air 17) --> 2hr 15min layover in Taipei (TPE) --> Arrive Chiang Mai (CNX) Fri 11/4 @ 10:30am (EVA Air 257)


  • Departing Week 1: You will be flying home from Bangkok (BKK or DMK) and may leave any time on Sun Nov 13
    • Don't worry you will save a day on the flight back
  • Note:  You may also choose to fly home from Chiang Mai Sat Nov 12 instead of traveling on to Bangkok for the last day. We will be arriving back into the city in the early evening, so DO NOT book a flight leaving any earlier than 10PM


  • Chiang Mai --> Bangkok Sat ____: We will be flying as a group from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for our last night.
    • Book this ASAP so we can all fly together!
  • Note: DO NOT book this flight if you choose to fly home directly from Chiang Mai instead.


Location: Thailand Adventure
Address: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Post Registration Details:

(it will be updated closer to the event)



We're SO excited you chose to join us on this epic adventure to Thailand! Take a moment to look over the next steps and other helpful info below. As always, don't hesitate to message your host with any questions, requests, dietary restrictions, or if you need help with booking travel.





  • If your passport expires less than 6 months after your arrival date, you will not be allowed into the country. You will not receive a refund from the airline or us.
  • Need s passport? Go to this link and start your application now. This may take up to 3 months, so start this process ASAP!
    • If you are in a pinch to get your passport, you can bring your ticket that leaves within a few days to the passport agency in SF or LA and pay a ton of money for a same day passport.... but don't plan on it!



  • Thailand - not needed
  • Laos - We will pay that at the border for our short excursion
  • Burma - We will pay that at the border for our short excursion, you will also need a passport photo (available at the border - about $30)


Proof of COVID-19 vaccinations are required to enter Thailand

Additional vaccinations are not usually required for the areas we are going, but this changes often... please check the CDC's official requirements and recommendations and talk to your doctor.




Thailand is a tropical country and experiences only two seasons: wet and day. The dry season is generally between late Nov to Feb, and the wet season (meaning hot and sticky) lasts the rest of the year. Expect average temperatures of 21°C (70°F) at night and over 30°C (86°F) during the day. Temperatures in higher elevation (aka the mountains) will likely be around 20°F cooler.



The currency exchange rate changes regularly, but is generally around 34-40 TBH per 1 USD



Questions?  Contact your host (Kristin) directly @ 415-766-7317 or email kristin@urbandiversion.com


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