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 BIG SUR SPRING CAMPOUT : Beaches, Camp fires & Redwoods!   BIG SUR SPRING CAMPOUT : Beaches, Camp fires & Redwoods! 

BIG SUR SPRING CAMPOUT : Beaches, Camp fires & Redwoods!
Apr 30, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-South Bay Trips & Travel
Basic Details:

Weekend of beaches, camp fires, and the Redwoods!!
We have our own campsites and the Spring Season is the best time of year to visit!! Best weather, beautiful nature and amazing views along the coast!!!
aerial photography of island


Big Sur area is amazing!  So close but have you been there yet??

It is nestled in the middle of California's Gold Coast. With some of the best coastlines and hiking trails in Northern California, the popularity of this area is enough to rival its neighbors of Monterey and Santa Cruz! The Spring Season is one of the best times to check out this gorgeous area—with the weather being perfect, the wildflowers are blooming and views like nothing else!

aerial photo of road near mountain  white petaled flower

person and dog inside tent in woods What to Expect:

This is a big fun camping/hiking/beaches/extraordinary weekend!   

If you talk to any Californian and BIG SUR is on their list of most beautiful locations in California.

Towering redwoods growing right up to the bright blue Pacific Ocean filled with seals, dolphins, and Whales.  

This unique camping location is normally very difficult to reserve with the number of weekend visitors reaching the triple digits. 

We are staying in a beautiful campsite voted one of America's Top 100 Campsites!


Trip Overview

Type: Campground Car Camping
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

  • 2-4 miles hiking during the day
  • 2 night group campground reservations

Details: You should have been on camping trips in the past.

tilt photography of mountain aerial photography of waves splashing by the seashore photo of mountains and sea under blue sky


  Photo of Urban Diversion - San Francisco, CA, United States. Big sur camping   Includes:

  • Camping for 2 Nights
  • Group day hikes
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday!
  • Amazing Views!
  • A feast of a dinner on Saturday night
  • A great host to lead you around Big Sur and all the great sites.

Attire: Dress in layers and bring your rain gear (just in case!) and don't forget those hiking boots!

Added Details and Directions:

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