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Status Normal
Start Time May 11, 2024 (Saturday)
End Time
Location Acampo - Parachute Center
Category Premium Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-East Bay Premium Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Lance Evander
Max Attendees 20
Max Guests User Max
Cost Range $0.00 - $20.00
Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime! Join UD for an epic adventure as we take the plunge from the sky and dive headfirst into the ultimate adrenaline rush! Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies?this is your golden ticket to experience the pure excitement of free fall like never before.
Basic Details:


The whirr of the plane's engine buzzing in your ears, the rush of wind as they open the plane doors, the trembling feeling as you edge further towards the exit, the gasp of fear as you look down at the world below you, adrenaline pumping through your body, then the enormous rush......


Wooooohooooo you are falling through the air at 160mph!




We will all be doing a Tandem Jump: this is where you will have a certified instructor attached to your back who will handle all the work and control of the chute.

The jump is from 13,000 feet, which will give us 60 seconds of free fall (approximately 2 miles), and a five minute descent under a specially designed parachute. Most companies jump from only 7000 feet, which is only a few seconds of flight! 

We throw you out at 13,000 to give you more time to enjoy!


What to expect

  • An unforgettable experience !
  • An adrenaline dose 
  • Fun and good time with UD 



  • Ground school and pre-safety seminar prior to the jump provided by an authorized independent, specially trained instructor.
  • The required jumpsuit and goggles
  • Your very brave host that will jump with you... Save me ! Lots of moral support from other jumpers... Why do this alone?


Additional Costs

  • Registration fee goes to help cover your host and group snack costs
  • Your payment here does not go to cover your jump. We have arranged for you to be able to pay them on site!
  • Your jump costs you ONLY $150! You pay that directly at the location.



 Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

Bring your costume for more fun actions!!





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