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 Tide Pool Buried Treasure Hike   Tide Pool Buried Treasure Hike 

Tide Pool Buried Treasure Hike
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Status Normal
Start Time May 04, 2024 (Saturday)
End Time
Location San Mateo - Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
Category Premium Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-South Bay Premium Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Dominique Mohler
Max Attendees 16
Max Guests User Max
Cost Range $0.00 - $29.00
If you've never explored tide pools before (or even if you have), there's no shortage of colorful, crazy, and sometimes downright strange critters to discover... if you have good eyes for treasure hunting, that is. ;) Join us and an expert docent on this guided tour full of fun facts about the tide pools, creatures, lands and other amazing marine treasures at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tide pools!
Basic Details:

 Seashore Tide Pools & Marine Treasure Hike

Image result for fitzgerald marine reserve tide pools

Make sure you register early - this event will fill up fast! 


Have you ever gone on a hike or walk on the beach and wondered what the different plants and animals were? Or maybe you wonder about the history of the land you're on? Well, we scored private tour reservations at one of the best tide pools in Northern California at low tide! Your UD Host and an expert docent guide will take us out treasure hunting, so you'll you never have to wonder what you're looking at! We'll learn from the guide as we hike over, around, and inside the pools while trying to spot sea stars and sea urchins, scoping out the coral and crabs, and maybe even catching a glimpse of the seals the nest down the beach!


Parking is extremely limited - Post in the message wall if you're looking for a ride or willing to drive!


Exploring Tide Pools in San Mateo County ? Good2Know Network


What to Expect:

When you first arrive, find your host waiting for you at the picnic tables. Enjoy the beautiful coastal surroundings as you meet your fellow UD members. Once everyone arrives, we'll meet with our expert volunteer docent who will guide us through these beautiful and famous seashore tide pools. Our tour reservation is 2 hours right in the middle of the lowest tide of the day. After the tour, take a walk down the beach to join us for our late lunch reservation as we watch the sun set behind the ocean and eat some delicious fresh seafood.


  • Exploration through the lively tide pools 
  • Private tour reservation with an expert guide
  • Lunch reservations with an ocean ocean view
  • Your awesome UD Host

What to Bring: 

  • Dress in layers for all types weather
  • camera (maybe even a waterproof one?)
  • $$ for optional post-hike late lunch/ early dinner 
  • Comfortable walking shoes



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