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 Kayaking with OTTERS: Baby Otters Are Coming!!   Kayaking with OTTERS: Baby Otters Are Coming!! 

Kayaking with OTTERS: Baby Otters Are Coming!!
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Status Normal
Start Time Apr 07, 2024 (Sunday)
End Time
Location Moss Landing - Kayak Connection
Category Special Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-South Bay Special Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Lance Evander
Max Attendees 20
Max Guests Unlimited
Cost Range $75.00 - $95.00
It's kayaking, with OTTERS! This is a gorgeous area where sea otters, sea birds, seals, and lots of other critters mull around on the beach and in the water as we paddle by. It's unlike any other kayaking experience out there!! And now that it's finally spring, you can expect to see BABY OTTERS!!! Join us afterwards for an optional group lunch at one of the freshest seafood grills around.
Basic Details:

Kayaking with Sea Otters:

Pup season!

Image result for baby otter kayaking


Our members keep coming back for more, so we had to do it again! This spot has the cutest otters to swoon over while kayaking -- not to mention the occasional seal. After, we will get lunch with an amazing view over the ocean.


We wish that we could put into words how amazing this trip is and how adorable the otters are...but we can't. It's impossible to brag about how awesome this event is and how incredible it is to see sea lions, sea otters, birds, and wildlife in their natural environment.

This is a MILD/EASY paddle.



                                                             flock of birds on blue body of water during daytime


What to expect:

We'll start our otter-tastic adventure with a quick orientation and water safety talk, as well as a brief history of the surrounding ecosystems.  This includes why these cute little creatures are protected, why we need to stay back 50 yards, and why visiting the area helps fund protecting  the marine mammal protection area.   

A professional will explain and demonstrate basic paddling techniques and security measures - there is no need to be nervous. No previous kayaking experience is necessary. After that, we'll set off to paddle into the placid waters of this slough. Our group will paddle in tandem kayaks, so nobody has to paddle alone and we will be going with the current one way, so paddling should be a bit easier than normal. 












Because there are no roads or power boats allowed, the slough teems with wildlife. On its shore lies Moss Landing Wildlife area, a 728 acres wildlife preserve that holds California's largest unaltered salt march. At this time of the year, there are generally several different migrating shore birds and waterfowl coloring the sky and a wide variety of marine mammals like otters, harbor seals, and sea lions.


After our day on the water, we'll go for a post-kayak, seafood lunch at one of the best places in Moss Landing where we can enjoy the freshest oysters, crab, and fish around! 


Check out this video from our earlier UD otter kayak...See you on the water otters!  

*note: we do not approach otters as this disturbs them... this guy had other ideas though
so closely that they must leave the area or change their behavior (such as waking up, alarmed or stressed behavior, diving or swimming away). Continual disruption can lead to stress which can cause illness/starvation/separation.


Event Includes:

  • Kayak and gear  (including wet skirts)
  • Experienced host
  • Orientation session
  • Paddle snacks 
  • Great time with UD family during the paddling and at the restaurant after!!!
    *Please note that lunch is NOT included. So please bring $$ :)

Attire: Wear warm layers and clothing that you don't mind getting a little wet. 

NO COTTON!  Also remember to bring a change of clothes for lunch!  

Add yourself to the watch list or register for PRO TIPS & EXTRA GEAR WE RECOMMEND!


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