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 Beach Bonfire: Whale Watch Hike + Full Moon BBQ   Beach Bonfire: Whale Watch Hike + Full Moon BBQ 

Beach Bonfire: Whale Watch Hike + Full Moon BBQ
Must be a member or member's guest to attend
Status Normal
Start Time Apr 27, 2024 (Saturday)
End Time
Location - Secret Beach, just North of SF
Category Special Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Special Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Brian Low
Max Attendees 20
Max Guests Unlimited
Cost Range $18.00 - $24.00
Join us for the ultimate coastal bonfire adventure... we are making our first bonfire of 2024 extra special! Hosted at a secret beach, we are hiking and BBQing... all during a full moon! We are starting the day with a hike along the ocean bluffs, keeping our eyes peeled for migrating whales! To top the day off, we will have a yummy BBQ and bonfire on the secluded beach! We'll watch the sky turn pink, toast some s'mores, and mingle with new friends!
Basic Details:


Whale Watch Hike &

Full Moon Bonfire BBQ!


Rules for Having a Beach Bonfire in San Francisco 


This is an extra special bonfire adventure... and we are doing it up BIG! Beginning with a beautiful whale watch hike, hoping to peep whales migrating the coast. Once we have worked up an appetite, it's time for a yummy BBQ dinner and big beach bonfire at sunset!




It's no secret that UD absolutely LOVES beach bonfires, and we are going all out for this one! We couldn't ask for a better way to spend the day, and can't wait to spend it with UD friends!



What to expect:

Awaken all of your senses with this beach bonfire and hiking adventure! Our day begins with a gorgeous coastal whale watch hike, where we will keep our eyes peeled for Humpback and Gray whales on their annual migration. The whales stay closer to the coastline when migrating, as they help their babies learn to navigate. Our hike is aroundPhoto of Urban Diversion - San Francisco, CA, United States. Volley ball and beach bon fire ! 3 miles total, and has mostly flat terrain with a couple of little hills. After hiking along beautiful ocean bluffs, our host will bring show us the way to a secluded beach that is calendar-worthy, it's beyond beautiful!

As the sun gets ready to set, we will find ourselves the perfect spot on the beach, and get our bonfire roaring. Your awesome UD host will make camp-style BBQ, and will have exactly what we need to make this evening magical... from the essential bonfire permit, the fire-wood, s'mores, and music. This is a BYOB event! This is a great event for meeting new UD friends and bringing our community together, all while enjoying the warmth from the fire!!

Event Includes:
  • Easy coastal hike at a gorgeous secluded beach 
  • Yummy camp-style BBQ dinner! Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions 
  • S'mores!
  • Sunset bonfire and wood provided by your UD host 
  • Fun and active UD host! 
  • An evening of music, fun and friends
  • Awesome group of people chilling on the beach with new and old friends :) 


 What to bring:

  • A blanket to sit on (OR a small camping chair)
  • Your own snacks 
  • Clothes to keep you warm. Dress in Layers!!!
  • A flash light or head lamp for the way back is a good idea 
  • Fun beach games to share with your UD friends, especially if you have a favorite


See you there :D



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