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 Karaoke & Dance in San Francisco!   Karaoke & Dance in San Francisco! 

Karaoke & Dance in San Francisco!
Must be a member or member's guest to attend
Status Normal
Start Time Apr 12, 2024 (Friday)
End Time
Location San Francisco - The Mint
Category Standard Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Brian Low
Max Attendees 10
Max Guests Unlimited
Cost Range $0.00 - $0.00
Rock Star Happy Hour tag teams the night with karaoke for a rare treat. Its the best place to meet your fellow Urban Diversion members. Clock out, introduce yourself, and get on stage!...Only if you want to. This event is about meeting the folks you might share a campsite with; or a cabin in Tahoe! We offer some clues on the location, but it's only revealed when you RSVP. Welcome to Urban Diversion! 
Basic Details:

(SF) Rock Star Happy Hour:

Karaoke Edition

No pressure to sing, seriously, its always just nice to have more friends there when you get off stage.

What is RSHH?

Rock Star Happy Hour is Urban Diversion's signature after work social. It happens monthly in San Francisco, the East Bay, and South Bay. Rock Star Happy Hour is open to all members, their friends and coworkers, and always draws a great crowd, so spread the word! Building community is the number one goal!


How to Karaoke?!

If you want to sing, I highly recommend bringing a written list of 5 songs. Maybe one headbanging rock song, a sappy love song, top 40, oldies, foreign language?! You never know what you are going to be in the mood for, be prepared, and read the room. Seriously. So serious in fact, here is a blog post about it written by one of our UD hosts! 

We recommend you eat before, or you can order food inside.


What to expect:

  • A super fun night of karaoke!
  • A researched location for your enjoyment.
  • A group chat to coordinate meeting up with your member-host. 
  • New friends to connect with over our favorite songs!
  • Most importantly, the Urban Diversion community of members. You never know who you might meet. 


What to bring:

  • Enthusiasm to meet your fellow members!
  • List of songs you'd like to sing!
  • Courage and confidence! Don't worry, our UD host will hype you up!
  • Money for drinks and/or some pizza beforehand.  



Please add yourself to the Watch List to find out this weeks venue!

We encourage members to invite their friends and coworkers!

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