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 Santana Row Sip & Stroll: Bar-Hopping Bliss in SJ!   Santana Row Sip & Stroll: Bar-Hopping Bliss in SJ! 

Santana Row Sip & Stroll: Bar-Hopping Bliss in SJ!
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Status Normal
Start Time Apr 26, 2024 (Friday)
End Time
Location San Jose - Santana Row
Category Standard Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Christina Atkinson
Max Attendees 16
Max Guests Unlimited
Cost Range $0.00 - $0.00
Let's get out there and enjoy beautiful Santana Row! From chic lounges, crafting artisan cocktails, to hidden speakeasies oozing with charm, Santana Row is one of the best South Bay destinations for a night out on the town! We'll enjoy delicious cocktails, meet new friends, see some familiar faces, and dance until we can't stand anymore. This night will be one for the books, don't miss it!
Basic Details:

Join us for an evening on Santana Row, as we step into a world of stunning lounges, pulsating beats, and magnetic vibes that will leave you wanting more. 

Our lovely host has an awesome itinerary with something for everyone. For those seeking the dance floor, we will venture into the heart of Santana Row's club-dance scene, and let the music take control! For those wanting a more cozy venue, where the air is filled with intriguing conversations, and the clinking of glasses... we will discover hidden lounges and speakeasies tucked away within the Row. Tonight is all about enjoying ourselves, unwinding from the past week, and creating connections that will last long after the night ends.



What's the plan?Seværdigheder i San Francisco - Viator - side 2

We will meet at Momosan on Santana Row, offering the culinary magic of Chef Morimoto, in an open air, laid back venue with California vibes. This spot is known for its chill ambiance, Sake, delicious bites, famous ramen, and cocktails. We will fuel up for our bar-hop, and once we've had some light food, delicious cocktails, and everyone is feeling good, we will head to our next spot on Santana Row. We will be visiting 3-4 bars tonight at least, and we plan on spending about 1-ish hours at each! 


                     Event includes:

  • Awesome UD host to lead the group!
  • Prime bar-hopping itinerary
  • A super fun UD community!
  • The chance to explore South Bay with a great group of people  

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What to Bring:

  • $$ for cover fees as needed 
  • $$ for drinks and food
  • Your I.D. 
  • A jacket! You know how Bay Area weather can be
  • An outfit you can dance and feel comfortable in :D 





As this is a bar-hop, we insist you come by public transport/Uber/Lyft 



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