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 Monthly Poker Night @ The Clubhouse   Monthly Poker Night @ The Clubhouse 

Monthly Poker Night @ The Clubhouse
Must be a member or member's guest to attend
Status Normal
Start Time Apr 18, 2024 (Thursday)
End Time
Location San Francisco - Urban Diversion
Category Standard Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Artem Shipovsky
Max Attendees 20
Max Guests User Max
Cost Range $0.00 - $5.00
Join us and friends at the UD Clubhouse for our very own Poker Night - complete with professional game tables and poker chips! Whether you can beat the best of them at Texas Hold 'Em, or have never played poker before, all are welcome to join the fun and build your skills at this monthly poker game.
Basic Details:

Monthly Poker Night

@ The Urban Diversion Clubhouse

What to Expect:

Looking for a chance to show off your Poker skills? Or wanting to learn more about how to play poker? Join UD as we turn our Clubhouse into a casino! We'll have a beginners table and advanced/intermediate tables with different buy-in amounts, so don't worry if you're new to the game! 

We'll have professional poker tables for you to play with and a quick lesson will be available for those of you who are not so experienced in these games. For those not into gambling, you can still join and be the unofficial cheerleader for your friends! Cheer them on and watch them win (or lose ;) 


You've seen the celebrities compete in the poker tournaments on TV and now it's your chance! The game will be Texas Hold-Em. Everyone will get the same amount of chips in the beginning. If you run out of chips, you're out of the game! 
So, if you're going ALL IN, make sure you have that winning hand! 


Are you a beginner? No problem, we will have a few tables, one for beginners and one for advanced. A quick lesson will be given to beginners before starting the tournament. And if you've got a bad poker face don't worry - just join the beginner's table for a bit of fun! Add yourself to the watch list and check the basic rules and hand rankings!


Event Includes:

  • Basic lessons for beginners (come early!)
  • A charming host for the evenings entertainment
  • Poker tables, chips, and more!
  • An awesome host 


What to Bring:

  • BYOB, if you want to drink, please bring something to enjoy
  • Cash to play 
  • Snacks to share (optional)
    • ???????We'll likely order a pizza as a group - bring extra cash to pitch in if you want a slice


Follow your heart! Business Casual seems like the most popular, especially if you're feeling the gangsta vibe. 
Bring sunglasses if you're a bad bluffer ;)


Important note about UD Poker Night:
All skill levels welcome! This is not a serious game of Poker - We usually have two/three tables going, and always at least one is a beginners' table. UD Poker Night is not like Vegas, it's like playing at home with friends! We will go over how to play, we encourage beginners to join. 


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Added Details and Directions:

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