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 Picking Wildflowers: Super Bloom Season!!   Picking Wildflowers: Super Bloom Season!! 

Picking Wildflowers: Super Bloom Season!!
(Open to Public)
Status Normal
Start Time 12:30 PM - Apr 01, 2024 (Monday)
End Time 4:00 PM -
Location - East Bay Hills
Category Standard Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-East Bay Standard Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host A Staff Host
Max Attendees 200
Max Guests Unlimited
Cost Range $0.00 - $0.00
Embrace the vibrant colors of spring as we embark on a floral adventure like no other. Join us for a day of blooming beauty where we'll wander through fields of native California poppies and gather an array of wildflowers to craft personalized bouquets. Unleash your creativity and bring home a piece of the season's magic in your hands.
Basic Details:


Gathering Blooming Bouquets: 

All-U-Can Pick Wildflowers!

Join us in picking all the beautiful native wildflowers in the hills of the East Bay, with gorgeous views that stretch for miles - as far as the eye can see! You're only limited by the amount of flowers you can carry!

Step into the splendor of spring with our upcoming event, where the allure of California poppies and a myriad of other wildflowers beckon. As nature paints the landscape with vibrant hues, we invite you to join us for a day immersed in floral enchantment.

Together, we'll leave the trail behind and meander through fields adorned with lupines, goldenrods, and daisies, embracing the ephemeral beauty that surrounds us. While some may raise an eyebrow at our wildflower gathering, we see it as a celebration of nature's bounty, a chance to connect with the land and its treasures in a meaningful way. So come, let's wander amidst the blossoms, and perhaps, in doing so, become one with nature!




Let's gather wildflowers, and lay in beds of blooms! With baskets in hand, let's explore and gather a bounty of blooms, each petal whispering tales of the season's splendor. Engage in the artistry of floral arrangement and create personalized bouquets that capture the essence of this unforgettable spring day, destined to grace your home with everlasting beauty.




What to Expect:

Think of it like early Easter, but instead of hunting for Easter Eggs, we're going to gather bunches of beautiful wildflowers! You're only limited to how much your basket can hold.


Event Includes:  

  • Native wildflower fields for picking!
  • A beautiful hike
  • Light trail snack
  • Water (make sure to bring your own too!)
  • Special prize for whomever picks the most flowers!
  • An adventurous host!




What to Bring:

  • A basket to carry all your flowers
  • Your own packed lunch! 
  • More water!
  • Attire: Wear comfortable hiking shoes and dress in layers so we're prepared for whatever the weather will throw at us! The trail is very exposed, so bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses! And it could get windy so LAYERS!
  • A sense of humor... keep reading... 


"Add to Watch List" or "Register Now" to see where we're going!
Hint: It's a public park in the East Bay Hills

Registration Deadline: Through
Apr 01, 2024 (Monday)
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Member Special Rate
(25-50% discount)

$0.00 - - All you can pick flowers, snacks, water and UD host 
Normal Rate
(NO Discounts)
$0.00 - - All you can pick flowers, snacks, water and UD host 
Cancelation Policy: No Refund - All Registrations Final (View Cancelation Policy)
Added Details and Directions:


We had to celebrate April Fools! 

Don't worry!!! We have no intention of going out and picking all the wildflowers. In fact, we want to take a moment to educate everyone on the idea of "Leave No Trace!"

"Leave No Trace" is a philosophy and set of outdoor principles that promote responsible and sustainable recreation. It emphasizes leaving natural areas as pristine as possible by minimizing human impact, including practices such as packing out all trash, minimizing campfire impacts, respecting wildlife, and staying on designated trails to preserve ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.

It is a set of principles aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of outdoor activities. Here's a quick summary of each point:

1. Plan ahead and prepare: This involves researching the area you're visiting, understanding its regulations, weather conditions, and bringing the necessary supplies to minimize waste and damage.

2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces: Stay on designated trails and campsites to prevent soil erosion and damage to vegetation.

3. Dispose of waste properly: Pack out all trash and waste, including biodegradable items like food scraps and toilet paper. Leave the environment as you found it, or even cleaner.

4. Leave what you find: Avoid disturbing natural features, plants, and artifacts. Leave rocks, flowers, and other natural objects as you found them for others to enjoy.

5. Minimize campfire impacts: Follow regulations regarding campfires, use established fire rings if available, and properly extinguish fires to prevent wildfires and damage to the environment.

6. Respect wildlife: Observe animals from a distance, do not feed them, and avoid behaviors that may disrupt their natural behavior or habitat.

7. Be considerate of other visitors: Respect other outdoor enthusiasts by keeping noise levels down, yielding the trail, and maintaining a friendly and cooperative attitude.


Why would picking wildflowers go against the "Leave No Trace?" 

In many places, gathering flowers is outright illegal, a measure put in place to safeguard our natural resources. Imagine if every hiker plucked a handful of wildflowers – how quickly would they vanish? Likely, very fast. Preserving the environment as we discover it allows everyone a chance to relish its beauty. Wildflowers serve as vital resources for bees, offering sustenance in the form of nectar and pollen, as well as havens for shelter and repose. Protecting these blossoms is equal to safeguarding wildlife, particularly bees. Though it may be tempting to dash through a picturesque hillside adorned with golden poppies, should we "do it for the gram?" Absolutely not! Not only does trampling flowers occur, but it also inadvertently forges new "social trails." Subsequent visitors might assume these paths are permissible, leading to the creation of additional trails. Unfortunately, this can result in vegetation damage, potentially disrupting delicate ecosystems and triggering significant erosion issues. Park personnel meticulously design and maintain trails for our use, and we should respect them accordingly. Another prevalent concern is litter. While it's comforting to believe that trail debris is accidental, its presence remains a blight. Nobody wishes to encounter litter amidst the splendor of a wildflower-strewn field or any other natural setting. We strongly encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature, but please recreate responsibly, adhere to Leave No Trace. Lead by example so that others will quite literally follow in your footsteps.

Check out our real list of events. We respect nature, and have great time doing it! See you at the next hike/campout/kayak!!

Location: East Bay Hills
Address: , CA
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