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 Decadent Desserts under an Enchanted Forest!   Decadent Desserts under an Enchanted Forest! 

Decadent Desserts under an Enchanted Forest!
Jan 30, 2021 (Saturday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Special Event
Basic Details:

COVID-19 NOTICE: #UDcares about our community, your safety and most of all we care about supporting each other while we all go through this together. We are working hard to keep our UD family connected while following the guidelines necessary to keep us ALL safe. 

Please check these steps to see how to keep yourself and UD buddies safe at our events.

  1. Check-In with Host: Before the start of each event, make sure to meet with your host to check in, get temperature checked, and be given hand sanitizer
  2. Space Out and Mask Up: Make sure to stay 6 feet apart at each event. Bring a face covering with you or you will be asked to leave the event. You can also purchase a face mask from your host, just let them know!
  3. Feeling Sick?: If you experience any flu-like symptoms two weeks leading up to the event please contact member_relations@urbandiversion.com
  4. Feedback: Our staff appreciates any feedback on how we can improve future events to keep everyone safe. Feel free to share your thoughts with your host!

Decadent Desserts under an Enchanted Forest!

A whimsical wonderland of lights is coming to Golden Gate Park!

 SF's Golden Gate Park to become 'enchanted forest' of lights for 150th  anniversary

To honor Golden Gate Park's 150th Anniversary, an art installation called "Entwined," by San Francisco artist Charles Gadeken is coming to Golden Gate Park. It will transform Peacock Meadow into an enchanted forest of otherworldly shapes and ever-changing light!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Cooking Classy

Want to be taken to a magical place, with dazzling lights swirling around you as you wonder through a myriad of illuminating colors?? Join us for this festive celebration of lights, art and most importantly...Christmassy decadent desserts!!

The trees range from 12 to 20 feet tall with illuminated canopies as large as 30 feet, filling the meadow with changing light. Sculptures comprised of 2,000 LED lights cluster into small flowering bushes at varying heights, further filling the green space with peaks and valleys of radiating light!


Best Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe - How To Make Chocolate Covered  Pretzels

“As the days get darker, this dazzling installation will light the way for park lovers to experience Golden Gate Park in a new and creative way as we close out its 150th Anniversary,” said San Francisco Recreation and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg.


What to Expect: 

We'll enjoy some Christmassy chocolate covered desserts together while enjoying the sunset at Golden Gate Park! Once the sun goes down and we have fully indulged on our decadent desserts we will wander through the Enchanted Forest of Lights, admiring the beautiful harmony of art and nature as the lights shimmer around us! 


Event Includes:  

  • Sweet chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and an assortment of decadent desserts! 
  • A special UD surprise to enjoy ;)
  • Other small snacks and water 
  • a super rad UD hostEnchanted forest' of lights coming to Golden Gate Park | KRON4


Dress for the weather- which means layers!  We advise on bringing a headlamp or flashlight for when it gets dark and wearing flat shoes you can walk around in.  

Pro Tips: 

We also advise you to bring a light blanket/chair/small cushion to sit on while at the park.  Also- BYO! We will have our classic UD surprise to get us started, but more is always welcomed!  


Added Details and Directions:

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