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 Bartending Class with Sam: The Art of Mixology!   Bartending Class with Sam: The Art of Mixology! 

Bartending Class with Sam: The Art of Mixology!
Mar 05, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Premium Event
Basic Details:

COVID-19 NOTICE: #UDcares about our community, your safety and most of all we care about supporting each other while we all go through this together. We are working hard to keep our UD family connected while following the guidelines necessary to keep us ALL safe. 

Please check these steps to see how to keep yourself and UD buddies safe at our events.

  1. Check-In with Host: Before the start of each event, make sure to meet with your host to check in, get temperature checked, and be given hand sanitizer
  2. Space Out and Mask Up: Make sure to stay 6 feet apart at each event. Bring a face covering with you or you will be asked to leave the event. You can also purchase a face mask from your host, just let them know!
  3. Feeling Sick?: If you experience any flu-like symptoms two weeks leading up to the event please contact member_relations@urbandiversion.com
  4. Feedback: Our staff appreciates any feedback on how we can improve future events to keep everyone safe. Feel free to share your thoughts with your host!


 M I X O L O G Y    C L A S S 

You know those cocktails that you love sipping on at the bar? Now is your chance to be on the other side of the bar and learn exactly what goes into the glass! 

Top 10 female bartenders

What to expect:

A socially-distanced mixology course in the backyard of the UD Clubhouse! Temperatures will be checked, gloves will be worn by all attendees during drink-making, & masks will be worn at all times(except when drinking of course). Sam will slowly work through each cocktail, ensuring you get the maximum experience out of the event! Once we have a bit of booze in our tummies, pizza will arrive to give us the food cushion we need to remain responsible drinkers! Sounds like a blast! 

You'll learn how to pour, the secrets you need for mixing, how to balance all the flavors, how to garnish your cocktails and all the super top secret tips of a pro drink slinger! 


The 3 cocktails we are going to learn are:


cocktail featuring romeo's gin, cucumber and lavender


1. Classic Old Fashioned - This drink is an absolute staple of cocktail making, and in Sam's opinion, stemming from his Midwestern roots, a MUST-KNOW for all family gatherings. Surprise your fun uncle Bob with a deliciously mixed Old Fashioned at the next Christmas event. A healthy mix of smokey and fruity flavors will have you wishing you knew how to make this sooner. 


Image result for singapore sling


2. Blueberry Mojito - You might be thinking... really? A mojito? But... have you had it with blueberry?! Sam's favorite twist to his mojitos will surely be a game-changer for you moving forward. This fruit-forward drink will sweeten your taste buds and give you a refreshing palate cleanser. 



Image result for top secret


3. Mezcal Mule - For all of you tequila lovers out there, this one might be a bit more interesting. Mezcal is like Tequila's 2nd cousin, with a much smokier taste. The smokier aroma of Mezcal pushes a classic Moscow Mule in a much more flavorful direction, and keeps you asking for more.   



While some of these cocktails might seem simple, we believe they're absolute staples of the cocktail-making world, and thus, we think you should learn them! If you'd like to add your own twist, or complicate things for yourself, feel free to bring a few added ingredients to spice things up ;)


Price Includes

  • A welcome drink to get your creative juices flowing
  • Mixology class by an awesome UD host
  • All ingredients for 3 different cocktails!
  • Pizza and snacks
  • Hands on learning
  • An awesome professional bartender host
  • A great evening with new and old friends


-Casual, wear those clothes that you would wear for cooking. Girls should wear a hair tie or make a hair bun!


-Dress warm, we will be making these outside during January. Expect temperatures in the 50's.



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