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 Presidents Day Campout: Joshua Tree!   Presidents Day Campout: Joshua Tree! 

Presidents Day Campout: Joshua Tree!
Feb 12, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Trips & Travel
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Presidents Day Campout: Joshua Tree National Park

Come celebrate the long weekend in style with a UD style campout at Joshua Tree National Park!

Joshua Tree National Park is known around the world for many reasons. The desert park is home to some of the most unique plant life, wildlife, and cultural history in the United States. It is also internationally known as one of the best places to go rock climbing with over 5,000 established routes. Lastly, it has been reviewed by countless visitors as a very intense and spiritual place. Whatever category your interests fall into, Joshua Tree is sure to provide an amazing experience.

Highlights: During our visit, we will be exploring the less visited areas of the park as we search for a lost oasis, ancient ruins, and even a hidden castle! You won't find these destinations on any park map, but we have secret clues as to their locations!

We have reserved our very own PRIVATE campsite just outside of the National Park. We see this as a positive thing because it means we won't have any annoying campers around us! We'll have 20 acres of desert land all to ourselves, it doesn't get much better than that!

Image result for joshua tree national park

  • See the infamous Joshua Trees
  • Large Rock formations, perfect for climbing
  • View the San Andreas Fault
  • Ancient Petroglyph's and ruins
  • Hidden and secret locations...
  • Unique desert plant life and wildlife
  • Great hikes with amazing views
  • ...and MORE!
Trip Overview Related image

Type: Car-Camping/Campground Trip
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

  • 6-8 total miles/day, day-hikes
  • 1-3 hours driving/day at the park
  • 3 nights camping at private site

Details: You should have been on hiking trips and campground camping trips before

**This 3 day adventure will be the perfect time to visit the park. We will be making stops to view: Jumbo Rocks, Hidden Oases, San Andreas Fault, Joshua Tree Forests, Mountain Peaks, Lost Ruins, and Desert Ranches**


What we have in store for you:

Image result for joshua tree national park campingImage result for joshua tree national park camping

Who will be there: If you are adventurous, if you are daring, if you have an insatiable curiosity... then this is the trip for you. Gather with Urban Diversion friends as we bravely explore this amazing desert.

Activities: There will be lots of interesting things to do and see... most of our points of interest we will drive to by car and get out for exploration hikes. These hikes will be moderate at times as we will be heading into the desert to view the lesser visited areas of the park.

Travel Arrangements: Everyone will be in charge of their own travel arrangements. It is a roughly 8 hour drive from SF- contact sam@urbandiversion.com for information on setting up carpools

Itinerary: Here is the outline of the weekend. Sign up for the watch list to keep informed of updates! We are going to have 2 full days in Joshua Tree, so we are planning on using every minute of that time. It is going to be a very active weekend so don't plan on sleeping in!

skull rock




Friday - Everyone will leave as early as possible depending on their schedule, and drive 8 hours down to our private campsite just outside of the gates to Joshua Tree National Park! We'll set up camp, have some welcome drinks, and sit around the campfire enjoying the stars. Make sure to grab some food on the way up! 

Saturday - We'll eat a delicious breakfast together at camp, get prepared for the exciting day ahead and then hit the sand!

  • Hike to 49 Palms Oasis - Surrounded by desert wasteland, this oasis is teeming with green and vibrant life!
  • Jumbo Rocks, Hike to Skull Rock - Jumbo Rocks is named because of its high concentration of just that... HUGE ROCKS! Climb, scramble, and explore these formations as we make our way to Skull Rock.
  • In search of ancient Adobe Ruins - Early Native Americans and settlers had to live somewhere. Scattered throughout the park are a handful of these ruins.
  • Keys View - A driving tour to an amazing vista, Keys view will let us look over a large expanse of the park and even the San Andreas Fault.

Saturday evening - We will return to our campsite. The desert can be a harsh environment so we will serve a big dinner to feed our big appetites. Afterward, we will relax around the campfire and discus our Sunday plans.

Sunday- Another hot-cooked breakfast at camp. We will stock up once more on water and food for our journey into the park desert. This time, we will have 2 options of activities!

Option 1

  • Enter the desert wilderness in search of Carey's Castle - You won't find Carey's Castle on any park brochure or map. Do you think you've got what it takes to find this forgotten landmark?

Option 2

  • Hike to the top of Mt. Ryan - A moderately strenuous hike to the top of the local mountain, 5,461ft.
  • Explore the ruins of Lost Horse Mine - One of the more popular mining sites because of the intact structures and machines
  • Go sightseeing along the Geology Tour Road - An rough dirt road will take you (and your vehicle) deeper into the park wilderness to view some of the more interesting rock formations.

Sunday Night - We will rest up at camp, have another tasty dinner, and relax around the bonfire to get ready for our return drive home. Hopefully we will be bringing back bragging rights and great stories of all of the lost wonders that we discovered.

Monday Morning - We will pack up and make the long but beautiful drive back to the bay area. We will get back around mid-late evening.

Optional Extras - We will have some sodas and water but if you'd like to drink, please... BYOB!

If you have any questions, please call 608-514-6865


Trip Specifics:

Related imageColor photo of the Joshua Tree landscape in silhouette with a brilliant night sky and Milky Way visible in the background.

A few side-notes regarding this trip...

Please, when you sign up for this trip, use the comments box to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.   

If you need any gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc) let us know. We have some gear but you can also rent gear from REI or Lombardi Sports. Be sure to reserve your gear well in advance!

These trips can generate a lot of trash. Please pack your own re-useable eating equipment. Plate, bowl, cup, utensils.

Price includes:

  • 4 days/3 nights camping at a private site just outside Joshua Tree National Park
  • Morning breakfasts Saturday-Monday
  • Camp Dinners Saturday and Sunday
  • Snacks and lunches as well as water for the hikes
  • We will have some basic camping gear (stoves, cooking utensils, etc.)
  • Plus your very own host and professional guide for the event

Price does NOT include:

  • Park Entrance Fee ($30 per vehicle)
  • Alcohol, BYOB!


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