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 Big Hike Sunday! Redwood Forest!   Big Hike Sunday! Redwood Forest! 

Big Hike Sunday! Redwood Forest!
Jan 03, 2021 (Sunday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-East Bay Standard Event
Basic Details:

COVID-19 NOTICE: #UDcares about our community, your safety and most of all we care about supporting each other while we all go through this together. We are working hard to keep our UD family connected while following the guidelines necessary to keep us ALL safe. 

Please check these steps to see how to keep yourself and UD buddies safe at our events.

  1. Check-In with Host: Before the start of each event, make sure to meet with your host to check in, get temperature checked, and be given hand sanitizer
  2. Space Out and Mask Up: Make sure to stay 6 feet apart at each event. Bring a face covering with you or you will be asked to leave the event. You can also purchase a face mask from your host, just let them know!
  3. Feeling Sick?: If you experience any flu-like symptoms two weeks leading up to the event please contact member_relations@urbandiversion.com
  4. Feedback: Our staff appreciates any feedback on how we can improve future events to keep everyone safe. Feel free to share your thoughts with your host!

 Big Hike Sunday: 

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

Redwoods and Climate Change: The Plots Thicken - Bay Area Monitor

Majestic and towering redwoods are right in our backyard! Join us for a gorgeous hike through Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park in Oakland! This is one of the most beautiful spots around for an adventure, and the winter offers a perfect time to experience it, with smaller crowds and exceptionally lush trees! Once a prime spot for logging in the 1800's, this forest is a fantastic place to witness the 150ft Redwoods towering above our heads and the nature surrounding our hike.



This is a moderate hike, about 4.4 miles with a good mix of strenuous slopes and easy strolls -  perfect for building up a sweat and enjoying the adventure with your UD friends!

What to Expect:

A beautiful and scenic hike through the Redwoods with your UD friends and an awesome host! A moderate hike that offers amazing scenery and perfect photo opportunities! 

Event Includes:  Redwood Regional Park ? She Explores: Women in the outdoors.

  • A beautiful hike
  • Light trail snack
  • Water (make sure to bring your own too!)
  • An adventurous host!

What to Bring:

  • Your own packed lunch!
  • More water!
  • A backpack for all your essentials!


Wear comfortable hiking shoes and dress in layers so we're prepared for whatever the weather will throw at us! We'll be wondering within the trees, so it will be on the colder side! LAYERS!

Added Details and Directions:

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