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 Friday Beach Bonfire: Sunset Newbie Mixer!   Friday Beach Bonfire: Sunset Newbie Mixer! 

Friday Beach Bonfire: Sunset Newbie Mixer!
Jan 08, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Basic Details:

 Friday Beach Bonfire:
Sunset Newbie Mixer!

Rules for Having a Beach Bonfire in San Francisco 

 Let's continue enjoying these gorgeous winter beach days in SF,
so let's just head out to the beach to play some beach games and light a bonfire. 


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Warm yourself by the fire, enjoy the sunset and meet new friends! We'll take care of getting there early to grab the best spot!  





  • We are bringing Wood - but bring something to burn if you can... to get the party started!!!! More wood is always welcomed :)
  • Happy group of people chilling on the beach with new and old friends.  
  • Yummy COVID-friendly snacks and water
  • We will be on the beach until they kick us off!
  • Beach Permit if required
  • A full evening of music, fun and friends

 Image result for beach games sunset What to bring:

  • Something to sit on Blanket, Chair (Beach or camping)
  • Your own snacks 
  • A warm blanket
  • Clothes to keep you warm.  Dress in Layers!!!
  • Bonfire Wood, if you have any leftovers:)
  • Fun beach games to share with your UD friends!

Photo of Urban Diversion - San Francisco, CA, United States. Volley ball and beach bon fire !Weather & Sunset:

5:08 PM

We will have plenty of time to enjoy.  You can never predict the weather, so dress in layers..... unless it is super bad, we will be there.                                  


Added Details and Directions:

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