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 Silent Disco on the Beach!   Silent Disco on the Beach! 

Silent Disco on the Beach!
Mar 19, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Special Event
Basic Details:

COVID-19 NOTICE: #UDcares about our community, your safety and most of all we care about supporting each other while we all go through this together. We are working hard to keep our UD family connected while following the guidelines necessary to keep us ALL safe. 

Please check these steps to see how to keep yourself and UD buddies safe at our events.

  1. Check-In with Host: Before the start of each event, make sure to meet with your host to check in, get temperature checked, and be given hand sanitizer
  2. Space Out and Mask Up: Make sure to stay 6 feet apart at each event. Bring a face covering with you or you will be asked to leave the event. You can also purchase a face mask from your host, just let them know!
  3. Feeling Sick?: If you experience any flu-like symptoms two weeks leading up to the event please contact member_relations@urbandiversion.com
  4. Feedback: Our staff appreciates any feedback on how we can improve future events to keep everyone safe. Feel free to share your thoughts with your host!

Silent Disco on the Beach!

 Dance the night away with UD :)


How to Host a Bonfire Party | Taste of Home
Raise your hand if you LOVE dancing?! We sure do! Even better, we love dancing with friends! Bars and clubs are closed, but that isn't stopping the party! We're throwing a small, spaced out, outdoor shindig at a secret beach location (disclosed after you register) that will include celebration staples like a silent disco dance party, an epic bonfire, glow lights and rave lights to get us in the party mood!



Be prepared for a festival of lights to set the perfect celebration mood! We'll transform this secret outdoor location into an atmosphere filled with neon flashing, bonfire crackling and sparkling lights galore! 
If you want to safely gather with new and old friends, miss dancing to the best music on the beach with glow lights, all things sparkling AND want to have an amazing time while still feeling safe and distanced...THEN THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU!!

What to Expect:

Your spectacular hosts will be waiting for you at the secret location! The evening will start off with a welcome drink and pre-packaged snacks! Then a silent disco dance party will begin set to an amazing playlist curated specifically for this event! If you want to just keep it mellow, we will have a bonfire fire/social area to keep you nice and cozy! Bust some moves on the dance floor, grab some refreshments, and do it all again! 


Event Includes:  

  • A one of a kind shindig that you won't forget!
  • UD style drinks!
  • A silent disco party!
  • Light COVID friendly snacks
  • A special UD gift!
  • Your amazing UD Host!


What to Bring:

  • BYOB! We will provide some drinks to get started, but the more the merrier!
  • A blanket/outdoor chair! This is an outdoor party, so bring something you can sit on while you aren't dancing! 
  • More snacks! We will have some light snacks for everyone but if you know you'll get hungry bring yourself more food!
  • Any and all lights are welcomed! If you have extra glow sticks or sparklers or twinkly lights you want to share, bring them!


Attire: Dress in layers because we'll be outside and it will be chilly! And don't forget those masks ;)


 Glow Stick Party | Happy 1st Birthday | Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training  Friends Vacations Beach Party Dancing Concept | Friend vacation, Beach  vacation, Beach drawing



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