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 Full Moon Hike to Twin Peaks   Full Moon Hike to Twin Peaks 

Full Moon Hike to Twin Peaks
Apr 27, 2021 (Tuesday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Basic Details:

Full Moon Hike to Twin Peak 

Hike, Full Moon & Drinks... What else? 

You live in California, so you must love hiking & drinking ;)
The best part is, it's here in the city so we don't have to go far! 

There are two good ways to spend a weekday evening...
1) Hiking & feeling accomplished 
2) Heading to an outdoor pub & having some to go drinks with some friends .....
or...Option 3) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

san-francisco-romance-date-night-twin-peaks - Well Clinic San ... What to Expect:
We will hike up Twin Peak, SF's highest view point to enjoy a wonderful moon-rise!
This is the best way to clear your head and leave all the stress of the work day behind!
Wait! I'm not done!  it is going to be the full moon, so it will be even more beautiful and no flashlight will be needed (but you can still bring one if you would like). 

We'll meet at a bar to grab some to go drinks at the time specified. When everyone has arrived we will start our climb through the streets of the district, past the iconic murals to the base of the summit. As we climb above the lights of the city into the beautiful open space of Twin Peaks you'll witness the views of our city from San Francisco's highest point at 922 feet above sea level!  


April’s full moon is widely known as the Full Pink Moon, even though it doesn’t actually turn pastel pink as the name suggests. The Full Pink Moon’s name comes from the abundance of moss phlox, a common little pink flower that typically begins to spread across the ground in early spring. With that said, this creeping phlox is not the only thing that begins blooming during the Full Pink Moon.

In many Native American tribes, April’s full moon is associated with the bustling life and vibrant growth of spring. 


  • An exciting hike to the summit of SF's highest point
  • Beautiful scenery and iconic views from the peak
  • A yummy surprise from your host
  • A fun and energetic host!


Attire: Bundle up! Wear comfortable shoes; bring a flashlight and a blanket/chair to sit on!


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