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 Tahoe Lakeside Campout Weekend!   Tahoe Lakeside Campout Weekend! 

Tahoe Lakeside Campout Weekend!
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Status Normal
Start Time Jul 30, 2021 (Friday)
End Time Aug 01, 2021 (Sunday)
Location - Lake Tahoe
Category Special Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Special Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Emily Brouwer
Max Attendees 12
Max Guests 1
What's better than a summer day by the most beautiful lake in California!? This trip is PERFECTLY planned for our LAZY TUBING ON TRUCKEE RIVER! Chill by the fire Friday night, party float the river Saturday, then join for the camp dinner and camp party that evening.
Basic Details:

Tahoe Lakeside Campout Weekend!


We have secured beautiful, sought-after, lakeside campsite reservations on Lake Tahoe for the weekend, with warm campfires, river tubing and tons of lake fun! Enjoy the sunshine and refreshing water during the day, and gaze up at a sea of stars at night, as you watch the sun set over the incredible mountains. Plus... we're only a short walk to town for some nightlife fun if we're up for it! 

DID SOMEONE SAY TUBING?! That's right, we're going tubing on the Truckee River ALL DAY SATURDAY!! However, we're giving you the option to turn it into an overnight trip for the weekend! 

Top 3 Reasons to make it an OVERNIGHT:
1.  Enjoy your adult beverages on the river without worrying about driving home after!
2.  Stay for the after-float BBQ dinner and campfire (that where all the good stuff happens anyway)
3. Take a mid-afternoon nap in your tent after the float to rest up for the evening fun!!!

This has always been one of the best events of the summer, don't miss out on this year's experience! 



 What to expect:  
An active, social, camping weekend next to the beautiful Lake Tahoe! We'll be camping in and around other super fun people, enjoying a brilliant day on the Truckee River with drinks and sunshine galore, campfire feasts, dance parties, and more. This isn't your "quiet, serene" camping trip, it's going to be a social one! Join us for one of the most fun events of the summer :)



  • FRIDAY:   Arrive at your leisure and set up your tent. We will have casual campfire snacks (but grab your own dinner on the way up). We will be chilling by the campfire and having a casual evening to prep for the craziness for tomorrow. 
    • Morning - Wake up at your leisure.... we will be cooking up a hot & filling yummy breakfast for you and have the coffee on. Bring a special beverage to share down the river.  
    • Afternoon -  Float time (you must sign up separately) as we head down the Truckee for a fun full day of fun in the sun  After the float.  We will end the day at a bar/restaurant too at the end of the river. We will carpool from start/end of the river.
    • Evening - Dinner time - We are tired and hungry after a long hard day of tubing and drinking, so go change, showered and warmed up while we Make a camp-side dinner
    • Night - Party time, its a party campsite. Buckle up y'all.... its going to be a wild ride!
  • SUNDAY:  One word: recovery beach day and town exploring ..Rosie's diner in Tahoe City sounds great!.  Also, we can float if we want to, we will have all the equipment we want....  Need a warm shower and chill we can stop by the Urban Diversion North Cabin just a few miles away! 



  • An excellent camp host
  • 2 breakfasts, 1 awesome big festive dinner
  • 2 nights of campfire & fun
  • Non Alcoholic Beverages
  • Lots of Fun with your UD members and host


  • For Camping: 
    • tent
    • sleeping bag & sleeping pad
    • camping chair
    • warm & dry clothing
    • BYOB (beverage to share)
    • flashlight, bug spray, etc



Added Details and Directions:

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