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 It's Always Sunny in San Francisco: Park Picnic & Games!   It's Always Sunny in San Francisco: Park Picnic & Games! 

It's Always Sunny in San Francisco: Park Picnic & Games!
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Status Event Closed
Start Time Aug 01, 2021 (Sunday)
End Time
Location - Golden Gate Park: Hellman Hollow
Category Standard Event
Club Urban Diversion
Region UD-San Francisco Standard Event
Sharing All Clubs
Event Host Emily Brouwer
Max Attendees 20
Max Guests 2
Looking for a day to enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine in Golden Gate Park, with a friendly park picnic, beverages, friends and games!? Look no further! This day is all about chilling and hanging with your best UD buds.
Basic Details:

   It's Always Sunny in SF: Park Picnic & Games!           

NYCTC picnic celebration for Alma Igra and Emily Rutherford | New ...

Join Urban Diversion in the always beautiful Golden Gate Park with
a delicious park picnic, hilarious games and your beloved community!


Sloshball | mbonde | Flickr Spikeball at Golden Gate Park | Gabe Nicholas | Flickr

Have you ever played Slosh Ball or Spike Ball?? One involves bouncing a ball with your hand and the other requires kicking a ball, BOTH include lots of cold beer while playing :) Let's tap into our inner child and have a fun-filled, hilariously silly and epic park day together in the sunshine!!


What to Expect:

As SF starts to heat up and COVID restrictions are being lifted, what better way to celebrate than with your UD crew in the beautiful Golden Gate Park, playing some games and sharing cold beers? We're providing a delicious array of picnic favorites! We'll be kicking off our day with a ton of fun games like corn hole, volleyball, Frisbee, slosh ball, spike ball and much more! So bring some food to share, any extra games you want to contribute and your beautiful self to the park!

   Image result for kickball friends park  Related image                                    

Spikeball at Golden Gate Park | Gabe Nicholas | Flickr  Image result for frisbee friends park

What's Included:

  • A scrumptious picnic lunch
  • Some shared beverages
  • Reserved picnic area for us!Picnic in Golden Gate Park | I love Alicia's (on the right) ? | Flickr
  • A variety of outdoor games!
  • Your fabulous UD Host!

What to Bring:

  • BYOB- UD supplies are limited
  • Something to sit on, a blanket or a beach chair
  • Something to contribute to the picnic!
  • Any park games you have!
  • Good vibes :)



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