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 Amazing Yurt Glamping Getaway Weekend in Napa!   Amazing Yurt Glamping Getaway Weekend in Napa! 
Amazing Yurt Glamping Getaway Weekend in Napa!
Apr 09, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Trips & Travel
Basic Details:

Yurt Glamping Getaway Weekend in Napa!

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Yurt Glamping in the Napa Valley with wine tasting, new/old UD friends,
Sounds like a great weekend! 


Image result for napa valley  

Urban Diversion goes Camping with a luxury twist!

Come join your UD friends for a weekend getaway in the tall trees, camping in a safe and sturdy yurt topped off with a rustic Saturday night dinner and a guided hike as we embrace the outdoors in style!

What is a Yurt:  A yurt is a circular structured tent with built-in beds.  
You want to camp in one because
a) no tent to set up or take down- just bring your sleeping bag and pillow and
b) because its really, really, really cool!
What is Glamping:
Glamping is Glamorous Camping. It's Luxurious!

Please Note: Though the yurts can sleep 4 people, for the sake of comfort we will be sleeping 3 people per yurt to give everyone a bit more space. That being said, be prepared to share a yurt with some friends... did someone say sleepover?!  

What to expect: 

This mountainous region is filled with trails, trees, and rural beauty - with views of beautiful Napa Valley and Redwood Trail, this gorgeous spot has everything we need for a great weekend of camping fun in a relaxing yurt cabin. This isn't an outback wilderness style campground; we'll have full access to showers, bathrooms and even cell service!

This UD hosted weekend of fun is set to be a great adventure and a nice break from city life. Make sure to follow our packing list and your UD host will take care of the rest. Expect some light hiking, optional wine tasting, hands on outdoor cooking, campfires, group laughs and always a good time! 

Add yourself to the watch list to find out more details about where we are staying :)

Wine tasting is still in the works due to the recent fires in the Napa/Calistoga area. We have several wineries planned out, but will be waiting to make official reservations until we confidently know that the businesses will be up and running at the time of the event. Don't worry, we fully expect to have an incredible Saturday afternoon wine tasting excursion with our UD friends and host alike, but we are going to check it out the next few weeks before confirming any details :)



Schedule :
Image result for BOTHE-NAPA VALLEY

Friday night arrive after 6:00 PM  - unpack, relax and hang out by the fire pit for the evening. We'll enjoy some campfire games, some snacks and a relaxed evening of stargazing with friends.

Saturday Morning - Hearty breakfast followed by a hosted hike above the Napa hills.

Saturday Lunch - We will check out some wineries for some tastings,  so we will get some food at a winery.

Saturday evening - gourmet BBQ dinner by campfire!

Sunday morning - Hearty breakfast, then head back to the bay !


Image result for campfire wine Event Includes:

  • Camping
  • Friday night casual light dinner
  • Saturday breakfast, & dinner
    - Please note that your wine tasting / lunch is not included to this trip.
  • Saturday night campfire activities/treats
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Hosted hikes 


Outdoorsy & warm!  Dress in layers and dress for the outdoors.

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