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 Death Valley Campout: Wildflower Bloom, Star Gazing and Magnificent Mountains!   Death Valley Campout: Wildflower Bloom, Star Gazing and Magnificent Mountains! 
Death Valley Campout: Wildflower Bloom, Star Gazing and Magnificent Mountains!
Mar 18, 2021 (Thursday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Trips & Travel
Basic Details:


DEATH VALLEY CAMPOUT:  Wildflower Bloom, Star Gazing and Magnificent Mountains!


Join UD for a one-of-a-kind 3 night trip near Death Valley for the annual WILDFLOWER BLOOM. Witness Death Valley fill up with life as mother nature springs up in even the most unexpected of places :) It's going to be incredible. I mean... seriously... just check this out: 

But that's not all... Death Valley is also known for some of the best stargazing on the entire planet. As the sun sets beneath the peaks, watch the night sky fill up with stars. Before you know it, you'll be able to see the entire Milky Way Galaxy! Sleep under a blanket of stars and wake up to the smell of freshly bloomed flowers, it absolutely doesn't get any better than that folks!


What you need to know: This will be dispersed camping. What does that mean? It means we won't be sleeping in an "official" campground. Trust us, it's better that way! Less people around, more space for us to enjoy, and more peace & quiet :) a true camping trip. Dispersed camping is allowed all throughout Death Valley NP, which is why it has quickly become one of our favorite places here at UD! 

What do you need for dispersed camping?: Most importantly, a high clearance vehicle. Anything the size of a Subaru Outback or bigger will do. DON'T WORRY! If you don't have a high clearance vehicle, we'll make sure we get proper carpools set up so everyone who wants to come, can make it :) These vehicles are important because we will be camping "off the beaten path" a little bit. Dispersed camping means no running water, no bathrooms next to camp, and most likely no cell service. Trust us... it's more fun. (Don't worry, we will be around areas with bathrooms & running water all day long during our day trips for those that prefer comfort when doing your business) Besides that, it's the same as an other camping trip! Bring as much stuff as you'd like in your car, we don't have to reduce what we pack at all.

   The schedule

The host will be arriving at the site mid-afternoon Thursday, and leaving Sunday morning. You're encouraged to arrive Thursday afternoon / evening to maximize your camping time, but arriving anytime on Friday will be perfectly okay as well! 3 nights sleeping under the stars is good for the soul :) 

We will meet up at our campsite in the evening. Make sure to get your own dinner on the road.
We will set up our tents, meet other campers. Of course, we will have some welcome drinks with your arrivals. We will sit around a campfire and unwind, relax, take in the beautiful stars, and get ready for the next two days.


Friday we will be waking up to the beautiful surrounding valley and enjoying a delicious breakfast before heading out for the day. We'll check out the Mesquite Sand Dunes and the Badwater Basin Salt Flats (the lowest point in all of North America, -280 feet below sea level!). We'll make a scenic drive through Artists Drive on the way back to camp for a delicious dinner and sunset.   

After a restful night, we will have another delicious breakfast before heading out for a beautiful but moderate 6 mile round trip hike to Golden Canyon! If any of you have been to Zion, this hike has been compared to the Narrows there before. It will get the blood pumping, and certainly have our legs feeling slightly tired for a relaxing night at camp after a MASSIVE FEAST.


Sadly, we will have one last breakfast together, break camp, and make the 7.5 hour drive back to the Bay Area. Until next year!


Price Includes:

  • Camp site reservations
  • Breakfast on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Dinner & lunch on Friday & Saturday
  • Snacks - including S'mores of course! 
  • Does not include the Park Entrance fee - $30/car

What to Bring:

  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tent - let us know if you need one to borrow or share 
  • Hiking boots & warm layered clothing
  • Water - We'll have plenty but it doesn't hurt to bring some of your own. (there will not be any running water there)


COVID-19 NOTICE: #UDcares about our community, your safety and most of all we care about supporting each other while we all go through this together. We are working hard to keep our UD family connected while following the guidelines necessary to keep us ALL safe. 

Please check these steps to see how to keep yourself and UD buddies safe at our events.

  1. Check-In with Host: Before the start of each event, make sure to meet with your host to check in, get temperature checked, and be given hand sanitizer
  2. Space Out and Mask Up: Make sure to stay 6 feet apart at each event. Bring a face covering with you or you will be asked to leave the event. You can also purchase a face mask from your host, just let them know!
  3. Feeling Sick?: If you experience any flu-like symptoms two weeks leading up to the event please contact member_relations@urbandiversion.com
  4. Feedback: Our staff appreciates any feedback on how we can improve future events to keep everyone safe. Feel free to share your thoughts with your host!
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