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 Bio-luminescence Kayaking Tour in Tomales Bay   Bio-luminescence Kayaking Tour in Tomales Bay 
Bio-luminescence Kayaking Tour in Tomales Bay
May 07, 2021 (Friday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Special Event
Basic Details:

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour!

So popular we're doing another one!

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You asked for it - so we organized kayaking with the bioluminescent "dinoflagellates"
NO it's not some kind of high level, ancient language!
It's the name of the creatures that light up the water.


Bioluminescence on Tomales Bay, a magical phenomenon produced by tiny, single-celled organisms that emit flashes of light when agitated or disturbed. In high concentrations, with many glimmering at once, they may seem to sparkle in the water or light up the drops that fall from a paddle or swirl in your hand.


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*Note: This is very popular, and we only do this event certain times of the year. ALSO:  about 20% of the time we are forced to reschedule this event last minute..for the very simple reason of there being no bioluminescence... conditions must be good for it (No wind, waves, storms, etc)... if it is rescheduled you can choose to take the new date or get a full event credit for any other excursion.

What to expect:

We'll start our adventure with a quick orientation and water safety discussion. A professional will explain and demonstrate basic paddling techniques and security measures - there is no need to be nervous. No previous kayaking experience is necessary. On the water, there is a great chance of seeing some of the plentiful wildlife that lives in Point Reyes as the sun is setting

  Nick's Cove: Tomales Bay restaurant gets new executive chef - Inside Scoop  SF


Once everyone arrives at the meeting location, we will walk over to Nick's Cove Restaurant (right next door) to get some takeout food, so we can enjoy some time together before the kayaking experience! (Not included in the price)



Event Includes:

  • Kayak and gear
  • Professional 3 hour bioluminescence guided tour
  • Orientation session
  • Waters
  • Granola bars for the paddle
  • Great time with UD family during the paddling !!!


Attire: Wear warm layers and clothing that you don't mind getting a little wet. 


Image result for bioluminescence kayaking free imageRecommended Clothing: A synthetic shirt paired with a fleece jacket or vest is best. Fleece and synthetics wick the moisture away from your body and keep you warm even when wet. Wool is also a great warmth layer.


NO COTTON!  Also remember to bring a change of clothes for afterwards. You may also want to have a towel in your car just in case you get a bit wet or dirty.



Add yourself to the watch list or register for PRO TIPS & EXTRA GEAR WE RECOMMEND!


Added Details and Directions:

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