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 SantaCon: Bad-Santa Party Bus!!   SantaCon: Bad-Santa Party Bus!! 

SantaCon: Bad-Santa Party Bus!!
Dec 09, 2017 (Saturday) - (Must be a member to attend)
Urban Diversion
UD-San Francisco Premium Event
Basic Details:

Ho Ho Ho... its Image result for santacon sf
Time for all naughty girls and boys to get on the.....
SantaCon SF Party Bus Extravaganza

Santa's boozy sleigh on wheels hitting all the hot-spots in the city with lots of goodies for Santa's naughty helpers!  3 SantaCon's in ONE BIG PARTY BUS!!

We are not only hitting the ORIGINAL SantaCon in Union Square...
but also cruise around the San Francisco city!!!

The party starts at the Original SantaCon in Union Square
- hit up a few choice venues and crawl down to the North Beach where we will have pizza & more drinks
and then our magic sleigh comes to pick us up where we will be whisked away for a SantaCon Crawl-a-thon!


For those of you that don't know that SantaCon is.... its a SF institution where every year, thousands of Santas- dressed to the nines- converge on Union Square for a chaotic but lively pub crawl around the area.  It has always been a insane amount of fun... but its gotten very large and kind of out-of-control (in a bad way) where you can barely cross the street its so crowded and don't even think of getting a drink at a local bar.... your wait time will be hours!  So in light of all this madness... we have put together an awesome alternative that kicks the fun up a notch but still maintains the SantaCon spirit! 

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As it is a pub crawl, we insist you come by public transport and DO NOT DRIVE.  There is absolutely no parking or ways to drive around Union Square - so don't even think about it. 

Image result for santa movie gif
Happy Santacon !

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